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Accessories for Maltese dogs

At Bowl&Bone Republic we put specific knowledge of individual dog breeds and great attention to detail in to every product that we create. You will see this reflected in the functionality and style of each dog accessory that we offer. We know exactly what your beloved Maltese needs to grow and develop properly.

Our premium dog accessories, such as bowls, toys, beds or harnesses will meet the needs of even the most demanding dog owners. Each product from our store is made of the highest quality fabric, with the utmost care paid to every detail.

A bit of luxury for your Maltese

Maltese dogs are an adorable, and at the same time very delicate and demanding dog breed. We are sure that our accessories with their durability and precise finish will allow these dogs and other breeds to fully enjoy their daily activities. The fashionable, yet timeless and tasteful design of our products is one of their highlights. Regardless of where they are used, the style of our products complements the interior of any home.

At Bowl&Bone Republic we create unique, premium accessories for dogs of small, medium and large breeds. At the special request of owners, we also design personalized, made to measure dog gadgets. In this way we are able to provide unique accessories dedicated to a particular dog, which will serve him for a very long time. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, which is why we constantly seek to improve our products and make them the best companions for Malteses, Yorkies, Bulldogs and countless other dog breeds.