for small dog

Everything a small dog needs

Every pet owner knows that the needs of a four-legged companion can be really complex! Having a comfortable bed, soft blanket, plenty of toys and a high quality harness make your pet’s daily functioning much easier and more pleasant. At the same time, they provide comfort, convenience, and most importantly, a sense of security.

The Bowl&Bone Republic brand creates designer dog accessories that are specifically engineered with style and safety in mind. Dog owners of small breeds, such as Miniature Pinschers, Chihuahuas, Yorkies, or Pomeranians, will find every accessory that their heart desires.

Premium dog accessories for small breeds

The priority for Bowl&Bone Republic designers is to create luxury accessories that not only delight with their quality and unique design, but above all ensure the optimum level of comfort for all pets. Every dog, regardless of his breed, deserves to feel exceptional, and use accessories of the highest quality.

All of the products offered by the Bowl&Bone Republic brand are available in a wide range of colours, as well as in many different sizes. Thanks to this, you can easily build an accessory kit for your dog that suits yours and his tastes perfectly.

When creating our products, we pay special attention to every detail to ensure their quality and performance. For this reason, among our accessories you will find products whose aesthetics are equal to their functionality and excellent quality.