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Reasons why product quality matters

When you’re deciding to buy appropriate bedding or clothes for your dog, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the products offered by shops. A low price may appear attractive at first, but you have to think about the reasons why the item doesn’t cost much. You can assume that the product was made of the cheapest material, so probably it’s not very solid and might not be finished properly.
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Product quality matters – it’s golden rule

When buying a layette for your pet, you want the new item to serve it for a long time. Unfortunately, choosing poor quality product often means that after a while you will have to replace it with the new ones, which in the end always involves extra money. Therefore, it’s a good idea to think twice before going to shop: maybe investing and reaching for good quality products for your pet is not a bad idea?

What should you pay attention to?

The first thing to do when choosing some new product in shop is usually checking the price. It is generally accepted that for the high quality you usually pay more. This also applies to the market of dog products. A good, solid material, coming from a reliable source can’t be cheap. In addition, the very method of making the product, the precise finishing and many other factors have a direct impact on its durability and resistance which usually correspond with a higher production costs. Therefore, you should not be discouraged by the cost of the product because its value is certainly worth the price. When choosing a new bed or toy for your pet, you should pay attention to what is hidden inside. This is of great importance especially for all kinds of pets bedding. Bowl&Bone Republic uses only certified, high quality synthetic down filling in its lairs. It makes the bed extremely resilient and soft and it’s giving your dog a maximum comfort during sleep at the same time. In addition, this type of filling is well known by its anti-allergic properties so that you do not have to worry about causing allergy or irritation to your pet. The toys offered by the Bowl&Bone Republic have an additional element of the filling which is a special form of foil that makes sounds in order to catch even more attention of your dog during play. This type of filling can be found, among others, in dog toys from the BAX, REX, DEX or FELIX series.

Safety comes with quality

It is worth considering whether the item you’ve purchased is safe for your doggy. The producers should pay attention to the designing process so that any elements pose a direct threat to our four-pawed friends. It happens that toys are created by people who do not have adequate knowledge about the rules that should be followed to make the product safe. In this case, choosing a precarious producer that is not specialized in the dog products may turn out to be slightly risky. When the product starts to fall apart, breaking up into small elements you have to take it away from your dog and replace it with a new one – that is without any exception. The life span of a toy bought for a few money is usually very short. A good quality product will give your dog a much longer lasting joy of play.  
  Good quality products for dogs mean not only durability or a nice look but also the safety and comfort of our dogs. The bed designed especially for the comfort and well-being of our pets, made of the best, selected materials will provide him with a peaceful and healthy sleep. Toys made in an extremely careful and thoughtful way will give it many hours of great fun. Clothes or harnesses which cut is adapted to the needs of our dogs will provide them with comfort and feeling of freedom during long walks. We should not give it all up in favor of bottom-of-the-range products. Our dogs will be grateful.  
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