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Running with a dog – what you need to know

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Do you want to start running with your four-legged friend and don’t know where to start? First, consider whether it will be the type of sport that is suitable for your dog. Remember that running is not a good idea for all dog breeds. Before embarking on this new adventure, you must prepare yourself and your pet. Go for it!

Running with your dog is a great way to spend time actively with your four-legged friend. However, before you start this kind of physical activity with your dog, ensure that your dog’s abilities allow him to make such an effort. Equip your dog with a comfortable harness for active leisure time.

What you will learn from this article:

  • Running with your dog is a great way to spend time with your pet actively
  • Not every dog ​​will like running
  • Before you start running with your dog, equip him with a comfortable harness

Running with the dog

Some dogs show a particular passion for spending the day actively. So why not use it as another form of spending time with your pet? So if you are wondering what sport can be a hit for you and your four-legged friend, I recommend running with your dog.

First, however, I want to tell you when this way of spending time actively with your dog is a good idea. That type of sport will not be suitable for all dog breeds. Some quadrupeds have a physique that is good for this type of sport.

Therefore, make sure that running together for your pet will work. What’s more, the age of the dog, as well as his health and general physical condition, also play an essential role here.

Nevertheless, I think it’s a great way to spend time with your dog. So, if there are no contraindications to it, be sure to go for a run with your quadruped. Who knows, maybe it will become your daily ritual.

What kind of dog is not a good idea to run with

So first, consider whether your dog will be a suitable running companion. Such a dog should, above all, be in full strength and health. In particular, we are talking about dogs suffering from joint degeneration.

Running with a senior dog will also not be a good idea. This type of activity can be too taxing for an older dog’s body.

Running can be quite a nuisance for dogs from small dog breeds, such as Maltese or Chihuahua. Why? That is mainly because these dogs, due to their small size, also have adequately tiny paws. From your point of view, running a short distance for this canine will be very long.

Running with a dog of this breed while having fun is perfectly fine. However, it will not be an excellent idea if we are talking about regular, more intense running. If you want to spend time actively with your dog, you can try another form of sport, e.g. fetching or wrestling.

Dog breeds that are good running companions

Some breeds of dogs are even made for increased physical activity. Husky, Doberman or German Shepherd are just some dogs for whom running should be a permanent element in everyday life. These dog breeds need a lot of exercises.

Not only large dog breeds will be good running companions. This type of active spending time will also work in the case of Greyhounds and Border Collies. As you have undoubtedly noticed, these are breeds that like an active lifestyle, for which running will be great entertainment.

Of course, not only purebred dogs will be good running companions. Mongrels can also be great companions. In their case, the matter is so much more complicated that, as you probably know, each of them is different.

Dogs of this breed have very different character traits, physiques and other predispositions to spend time actively. Therefore, I believe that a mongrel can accompany you while running, but not everyone will be suitable for it.

Running with a dog – how to prepare

If you are going to start running regularly with your dog, you need to prepare for it in advance. I will not tell you what shoes and clothes you should buy, because that is not my role here and I must admit that I do not have the proper knowledge of this subject. However, the world of our dogs is much closer to me.

An essential element of a running layette for your pet is comfortable harnesses. They must not rub your dog during increased movement.

If I go for a morning run with my dog, my choice usually falls on the ACTIVE harness from Bowl&Bone Republic. Their advantage is that they work well both during active leisure time and everyday walks in the park.

You can also take a toy to run with your dog, allowing you to exercise with your pet. I mean frisbee or bullet here. A little variety while running is a great idea.

When your and your dog’s condition allows you to cover long distances, remember that your dog may be thirsty. There are convenient collapsible dog bowls on the market, which you can fill with your own bottled water anytime and give to your dog.

That is a beneficial solution. Don’t forget that your canine also needs hydration during physical activity.

How to start running with your dog

Before you start your target run, take your dog for a short walk so that he can do his business. You can also play with it to warm up the dog a bit.

Running with a dog requires him to master the ability to reach his feet. If people do not make very frequent your route, the dog does not need to be on a leash. However, he must be obedient to come close to you when you call him.

If your condition is not very good, you can initially choose a quick jog instead of running. Once you feel you’re doing quite well, move on to a short run of about 5 minutes.

Gradually increase the distance, considering your progress and improvement in form. Do not try to force the space because it can quickly discourage both you and your pet. Evaluate your skills rationally and take your next steps based on them.

Taking breaks is also very important. If you run every day, your body will not recover. Rest is essential for rebuilding and strengthening muscles.

Your dog deserves completely free days from running and canine relaxation. If you want to know how your canine can rest and regenerate his strength, I refer you to the entry that you will find HERE. Take care of your dog’s well-being, and let him fully renew his strength.

two dogs in pink and red harnesses standing on the city bank

Running with a dog – is it for you

You came up with a great idea that from now on, you will run together with your dog. You have taken up this challenge, and so has your four-legged friend. Your first few outings together. Unfortunately, both after yourself and your pet, you can see that running is not a sport for you. I’ll tell you there’s nothing wrong with that. It happens anyway.

If you don’t like this kind of sport, many other forms of active spending time with your pet exist. I’m sure you’ll find the best option for the two of you. One activity will satisfy both you and your dog.

Or maybe running with your dog was just what you and your pet both needed. If so, I am thrilled, and I will keep my fingers crossed for your further perseverance. Keep it up!

Tell me how it was in your case. Did you immediately like running, or maybe it will not be your favourite sport, and you are looking for more? I await your response in the comment section below

If you have any questions or want me to discuss a topic in the next post, share it in the comments section.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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