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Small or large dog – which one to choose?

Big pooch – why it’s a good choice

If you are facing the choice of a new four-legged family member, I will tell you why a large dog is a very good decision. However, remember that regardless of the pet’s size, his love for you will be the same. Small and large dogs are in both cases an excellent friend for years.

Big pooches arouse respect

There is no denying that the big dog will arouse respect, both in humans and other pooches. If a sense of security is very important to you, then the presence of a big quadruped significantly improve your feeling of comfort. With a large pooch by your side, you can be sure that strangers will be quite reluctant to try to accost you or start a conversation. If you belong to a group of people who value quiet on a walk with your pet than conversations with other strollers, this is the perfect solution for you. Respect guaranteed with such a companion.

An excellent physical activity companion

The big pooch is a great companion to train together. If you love spending time actively, this pet will be a great companion. As a rule, large dogs have huge amounts of energy and strength to act. Joint activity is a great way to provide yourself and your pets with the right dose of exercise. What’s more, this form of spending time is great for deepening the relationship of the guardian with the pooch. So if you’re looking for a companion for sport, then a large pooch will be a good choice.

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A big pooch requires a lot of love

This argument should be taken with a pinch of salt. Pooch love is not in any way dependent on his size. Nevertheless, there will certainly be those among you who love to cuddle into the soft fur of your pooch. It’s a great way to recharge your battery after a hard and tiring day. At this point, it should also be mentioned that having a large pooch is a godsend on cold winter evenings 🙂 I don’t think anything will warm you more than your beloved four-legged friend cuddling up with you with his warmth.

The little pooch is a real treasure

Small dogs can undoubtedly steal the heart of dog lover. Their small size can sensitize. However, what advantages, apart from undoubtedly enormous charm, do little dogs have?

Without a doubt one of the biggest advantages of small dogs it is that they are finding great on small spaces. Of course, we are talking here not only about the size of the pet, but also all it’s accessories. A little dog will find space for himself everywhere. The small size makes every place suitable for him. Without embarrassment, it can take a comfortable position on our knees. What’s more, you doesn’t have to worry that after a long moment his weight will tire you.

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Organization of holidays with a small dog is simpler

A small dog bed or small bowl will find its place even in a small apartment. Therefore, a small pooch is a good option for those who dream of the company of a four-legged friend, but unfortunately, their space is limited. If you are looking for a bed for a small pooch and you are afraid that he will feel uncomfortable in a typical bedding, think about a sleeping bag for the dog. The Bowl&Bone Republic brand offers two different models of DREAMY and BLISS sleeping bags. It’s the perfect solution for a small pet who loves to cuddle up while sleeping.

It’s easier to control a small dog

When planning a vacation or a short trip as a dog guardian, you must have in regard not only your comfort, but also comfort of your pet. If we decide to go with a four-legged friend, it will be much easier if our pooch is not big. A small dog will easily adapt to any form of movement during the journey itself.

Many recreational areas that are not prepared for the presence of animals daily will certainly turn a blind eye to a small, downy quadruped. Some tourist attractions accept the presence of pooches only if they are in a special bag or on our hands. When our dog is small, it is easy. However, this can be a challenge when our pooch is quite large.

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All dogs are equal

Small and large dogs are of course a very big responsibility. Contrary to appearances, choosing a smaller dog does not mean that he will require less attention and interest from us. The size of the dog will not affect the degree of commitment on your part in your relationship.

It is worth bearing this in mind when taking care of your four-legged friend. And what is your opinion on this subject? I encourage you to share it in the comments.


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