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Stories of valued and famous dogs that delighted the world

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Lesssie, Laika, Balto. We all know these dog names. The history of each of these dogs made them known to almost the whole world.

Famous dogs: who are they?

Who is your dog for you? Family member? Best friend? Or maybe a companion for sports challenges? Dogs are more than just friendly quadrupeds who happily wag their tails when they see you. They have been accompanying people for years and are present in many areas of our lives, including literature, cinematography, and space travel. Dogs have entered our history not only as companions in everyday life. Moreover, numerous dogs have become world stars or, in some cases, even icons. Find out which famous dogs have been the most memorable throughout history.

Lessie: Scottish Collie female

This dog probably needs no introduction. Lessie occupies a leading position among dogs whose names are known to us almost from an early age. However, for those who have not had the opportunity to meet it, we will bring this unique story closer. Lessie is a Scottish Collie female. She is the protagonist of the novel “Lassie Come Back” by Eric Knight. In addition, this book has been adapted into a film, which has gained cult status.

That is one of the most famous dog stories. Lessie has a great friendship with a boy named Joe. Unfortunately, his parents, being in a difficult financial situation, are forced to sell their son’s beloved dog. As a result, Lessie, filled with longing, runs away from her new owner and returns to her friend Joe, travelling many kilometres. The book and the movie tell the story of the beautiful bond between a dog and its owner. It is a friendship that is not afraid of separation, and the desire to meet again can overcome difficulties.

It is no coincidence that a dog is said to be man’s best friend. The relationship between Lessie and Joe is an example of a great friendship that can overcome adversity. Although this one of the most famous dogs and the boy are fictional characters, every dog ​​owner can understand the unique attachment between the two main characters.

Laika: mixed breed female

Laika is the first dog in space. Moreover, this is a dog who made an extraterrestrial journey into space before man. This canine astronaut embarked on her trip on November 3, 1957, aboard the Soviet satellite Sputnik 2.

Laika’s childhood was not easy. She grew up on the streets of Moscow. At 2, she was captured and handed over to the Institute of Aviation Medicine. Soviet employees prepared 10 dogs for the flight into space, but in the end, Laika was chosen as the first canine astronaut. The whole world followed the cosmic journey of the animal with bated breath. Laika was the only dog ​​in space and is considered one of the most valued dogs in history.

Szarik: a male German Shepherd

Szarik is one of the leading title characters of the Polish cult series “Four tankmen and a dog”. This heroic German Shepherd quickly gained viewers’ sympathy, becoming a favourite of the audience. Szarik is a canine soldier who is part of the four-person crew of the Rudy tank stationed during World War II. The series “Four tankmen and a dog” was based on the novel by Janusz Przymanowski, published in 1964 under the same title.

Our serial Szarik was an example of exceptional courage and heroism. He had a strong bond with the rest of his fellow Redheads. It is also to him that part of the crew of tank number 102 owes to saving lives during crises. No wonder, then, that this is one of the most famous dog stories in Poland.

Szarik and his companions faced the hardships of the Second World War. He took part in many actions with them, often showing his heroic attitude. Although Szarik is fictional, we all loved him for his canine wisdom and attachment to carers.

Balto: a male husky

A dog which did his heroic act and marked on the pages of human history. Balto is a husky dog ​​who saved the lives of twelve sick children in 1925. Their only salvation was vaccines found only in a hospital 1,600 km away from their hometown of Balto – Nome. In addition, the very severe weather conditions prevailing at that time made the trip impossible. It seemed almost impossible to complete this route. The only way out of this situation was to be transported by a dog ​​sledge. The dogs, led by Balto, who took command during the journey, coped perfectly with the crossing during the snowstorm.

As a result, Balto’s superior instinct led the entire dog sledge crew safely back to Nome. Moreover, the whole route was covered twice as fast as initially estimated. In addition, the trip itself was without losses. This heroic feat of the dog allowed saving the lives of sick children in time. In honour of one of the most valued dogs and his entire crew, people erected a statue in Central Park in New York. There’s also an animated film that tells the story of this brave dog.

Astro: Great Dane male

Astro is undoubtedly a favourite of the youngest audience and one of the most famous dogs in the world. This lovable Great Dane is the hero of the animated series created in the 90s, entitled “The Jetsons”. The fairy tale quickly gained great sympathy from the viewers, and Astro became a dog known to almost all children at the end of the 20th century. The dog was exceptionally cheerful and had extraordinary energy. He was always eager to play with his main guardian Elroy, the youngest son of the Jetsons.

Valued dogs, i.e. your pet is a canine hero

Dogs that have gained fame will be remembered for many generations to come. However, is there a more incredible hero for you than your pet? Of course not! After all, he is the most important dog in the world, one of the most valued dogs in your opinion.

There is no more loving and lovable dog than him. Moreover, your bond is unique and will stay with you forever. Indeed, your dog will be with you for better or worse, beating all other known dogs.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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