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The sporting spirit of a dog

Sporting spirit of a dog

As you probably know, there are dogs for which the most pleasant form of using their energy is afternoon relaxation on the couch. While there is nothing wrong with it, a bit of sport has a very positive effect on the health of the pooch. Therefore, in our opinion, as good guardians, it is important to maintain a healthy balance between movement and rest in our pet’s life. But what if our pet does not show even the slightest interest in sports? Is it possible to awaken the sporting spirit of a dog in every four-legged friend? We need to properly approach this topic so that the pooch does not sense our intentions from the very beginning.

Why doesn’t my pet like sports?

Think about the reason why your pet doesn’t like sports. Has this reluctance been with him forever, or has it only appeared in his life at some point? Contrary to appearances, it will be a little easier to deal with the inborn lack of passion for physical activity. This is because it will be easier to awaken a pet’s love for sport than to overcome the accompanying trauma.

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Dog and sport are a combination that can either be perfectly harmonized or on the contrary. If you want the dog’s sports spirit to wake up in your pet, try to find out why he does not like physical activity. This knowledge will help you take the appropriate attitude towards him. The effectiveness of your actions is largely based on identifying the cause of this state of affairs. However, if past trauma is the cause, it is worthwhile consulting a canine behaviourist first. He will help you identify your pooch’s anxiety and advise you on how to find the easiest way out of this difficult situation.

The joy of joint preparations

Let’s also start with the simplest and one of the most pleasant stages of working together with your pet. If you are starting your adventure with sport, proper preparation is extremely important. I think you’ll admit that my morning run seems a bit more enjoyable in a new sports suit? This rule works very much the same with our four-legged friends. So before you start stimulating your dog’s sports spirit, make sure you prepare him well for it.

Replace the old, faded harness with the one designed for spending time actively with your pet. I can recommend the ACTIVE line from Bowl&Bone Republic. These harnesses are great because they are designed so as not to restrict the pet’s freedom of movement in any way. At the same time, they are kept in a classic style, so we can boldly use them also during everyday walks to the park. The ACTIVE harness is available in three colours: grey, red and beige. For the set, we can choose a lanyard that perfectly matches the colour and style of the harness.

During colder days, some quadrupeds need extra support against low temperatures. If we are already in a sports climate, a dog sweatshirt will be a great solution. The CLOUD line is a stylish sweatshirt with a sporty character, which at the same time gains lightness thanks to its original sewing. It is a perfect combination for those who like a sporty pattern in a fashionable edition.

Taking the first step by a pet

The first step seems to be the most difficult. When we break the barrier of aversion, fear and boredom, so far undiscovered areas of activity await us. This rule also works for our pets. The hardest part of awakening your dog’s sports spirit is the beginning. So your task is to show your pet that there is nothing to fear.

Find the type of activity that best suits your pet. He likes running, wrestling and maybe fetching? Don’t be afraid to experiment and don’t get discouraged after the first failure. Perhaps your pet only enjoys sports, e.g. while swimming. There are many possibilities. Watch your pooch’s reactions and if you see that a given discipline is not for him then think about something else.

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Not every doggy has to be an athlete

However, remember that success depends on your dog becoming convinced of the sport. You cannot forcefully try to instil in him a passion for sports. If you can see that it is not for him then please respect the doggy’s free will. Try to enjoy even small progress. If you manage to convince him to take long walks and play, it will be a step in a better direction. Perhaps the sporting spirit of a dog will wake up. Remember, however, that the doggy and sport do not always have to go hand in hand.


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