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Travelling with a dog by ship

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A dog accompanying us during the ferry trip? Of course! It’s a great way to travel together. However, for it to run safely and smoothly, you must prepare for it properly. It is also essential that our four-legged friend feels good staying on the water for a long time.

The dog on the ship

Travelling with a four-legged pet is not only a trip by car, train or plane. When going on a trip with your dog, an equally exciting option is a boat trip. That is a perfect solution when our pet is naughty at travelling by plane, and we want to travel across the sea or ocean together. Dog on a ship, what should you know about it?

Admittedly, a ship cruise usually lasts incomparably longer than a flight on the same section. We must bear this when deciding to take a joint ferry trip with a dog.

If you want to go on a joint cruise with your dog, you must meet specific requirements and strictly comply with the rules in force on a given ferry. So how should you prepare for your first dog cruise?

First, start by getting the dog used to the new situation in which it will find itself.

First voyage with a dog

However, before you decide that one of the highlights of your vacation with your dog will be a ship cruise, check how your pet is doing in this unusual situation.

A ferry trip to another country usually lasts from a few to several hours. It would be a tiring experience for a dog who doesn’t like water very much. Therefore, bearing in mind the good and, above all, the health of the quadruped, let’s first check what attitude our dog has to water travel.

Observe your dog’s behaviour when you are above a large body of water. Does he point to the water without much resistance while playing carelessly and swimming?

Or maybe, on the contrary, the dog reacts with reluctance and anxiety when his fur becomes even a little wet. Fortunately, most dogs are not afraid of water, so it’s very likely that your dog will take the boat trip well.

If you have the opportunity, take your dog for a short cruise on the nearby lake before your trip. That will allow the dog to get used to the new means of transport a bit. However, you should not assess a dog’s susceptibility to seasickness at such a distance.

The conditions on a lake or other small body of water are incomparably calmer than those you will face during a cruise on the high seas. A dog on a ship in high waters may react slightly differently.

How to prepare for a ship trip with your dog – formalities

If you want to take your dog on a joint ferry trip, first make sure that you prepared everything adequately for the presence of pets on board the selected ferry. If so, you can proceed to book your ticket.

It would help if you remembered this when booking a place for a cruise with a dog

What option should I choose to take my dog ​​ on a ferry cruise? It would help if you opted for a pet-friendly cabin. It differs from the standard room in that most cases have a dog bed and a bowl.

In addition, there should be a particular sign on the door informing that it is a cabin where animals are in. Regarding four-legged travellers, there is a designated area on board the ferry for walking our pets. Remember that staying on the ship does not release us from the obligation to clean up after our dog.

Most companies offering ferry trips do not require you to purchase a whole separate ticket for your pet but only pay an additional fee for the pet’s stay. However, it is lower than the value of a regular ticket.

Remember to take your dog’s passport if you are going on a cruise to another country. Having a pet’s health booklet in unforeseen health situations is also good. If you want to be sure that you have taken all the necessary documents with you, you can keep them in a specially designed MONACO document pouch from the Bowl&Bone Republic

It is mandatory to familiarize yourself with the regulations of the cruise you are going on, with particular emphasis on the rules regarding the transport of animals. Familiarize yourself with the applicable prohibitions and privileges for pets.

Make sure on which parts of the ship you can take your pet and where the catwalk for pets is located. Rules may vary slightly depending on the particular ferry.

A dog on a ship or what can happen to your pet during the cruise?

A dog on a ship will require much more attention from us than daily. That is quite an unusual experience for a dog, even if we have taken him on this journey several times.

Sea sickness is undoubtedly one of the most common fears when travelling by ship with a canine. As with humans, each animal goes through it in its own way, with more or less severe symptoms.

Much also depends on the cruise course, sea conditions and weather. Let us also remember that if the dog was seasick during one voyage, it does not mean that the dog will get sick during each of your sea trips.

Seasickness in dogs – symptoms

How to recognize the symptoms of seasickness in a canine? The dog on the ship may be sleepy, lethargic, less active than usual and generally apathetic. In addition, the dog may have nausea and dizziness. So what should we do if our pet gets seasick? It’s best if you give him some peace and respite.

Make sure your dog eats enough food and drink. Seasickness usually goes away completely in 2-3 days for most dogs. Therefore, let’s not panic in advance and let the dog recover at his own pace.

During a cruise with a quadruped, a potential threat to his health is also the risk of dehydration. What can it result from? Firstly, because of the previously mentioned seasickness, which certainly weakened the dog’s appetite.

Increased wind in the saltwater environment also negatively affects the quadruped’s hydration level. Slightly different climatic conditions on the water make the body try to adapt to the new situation. Ensure the dog has constant access to water and a place to rest.

a dog with a collar

Dog on the ship – enjoy the adventure together

The dog’s reaction to a ferry trip largely depends on its personification, character, and health condition. If your pet is not in an excellent physical condition for his sake, postpone the joint trip until he feels better.

Contrary to appearances, many dogs like travelling by ship. They do not feel any discomfort while on the ferry. Even if you are a bit afraid of your sea trip, try not to show it in front of the dog because he will sense something is wrong. Enjoy the adventure together and the unknown land that awaits you!

Have you ever been on a boat with your dog? If so, share your experiences with me in the comments.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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