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Travelling with a dog by train – what is worth knowing about it

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Travelling with a dog is a great adventure, provided you prepare for it properly. Knowing the rules that apply when travelling by train with your beloved pet, you will undoubtedly have a friendly and pleasant time during a joint trip.

Travelling with your dog by train

A trip with a dog by train is a real challenge for the owner. Whether our beloved pet loves travelling or, on the contrary, travelling together by rail requires us to be prepared appropriately.

We cannot fully predict our dog’s behaviour, so we must be prepared for unexpected situations. What’s more, let’s remember that travelling with a pet is a frequent cause of conflicts with other passengers who do not like dogs. So how can any disputes and unpleasant situations be avoided? First, we must not be surprised. Appropriate preparation for a joint train trip with your dog will allow you to feel confident without worrying about the comfort of your journey.

Of course, there are no universal, top-down rules for travelling by train with a dog. Despite commonly accepted and accepted standards, there is a possibility that a given railway carrier will only respect the travel regulations announced by it. Nevertheless, wanting to bring the generally applicable travel rules a bit closer, we have analyzed the current arrangements to be able to share our conclusions with you.

What are the costs of travelling by train with a dog?

Much depends on the size of our pet. If the dog is small enough to fit in a standard-size carrier, we do not have to pay a fee for travelling with it. The situation is a bit different in the case of larger dogs. Then the price of a ticket for one trip is about GBP 5. In no case can we underestimate the need to pay for the journey of our pet. Otherwise, we will have to pay the penalty for the dog travelling without a ticket, as it would be if we did not have one ourselves.

How to buy a ticket for your dog? It’s easy. Most railway carriers can purchase an additional option: the authorization to transport a dog when choosing the right ticket for you. We can do it both by ordering a ticket online and going to the ticket office at the train station.

Applicable rules on the train with a dog

Are dogs welcome on the seat? The answer is no, which you can read in the train regulations. That is a fairly standard rule and, in most cases, fully respected by pet owners. Dogs are also not allowed on the bed in sleeping cars.

Unfortunately, it would help if you remembered about the muzzle when going on a trip with a dog. Whether our dog will have to wear it during the journey depends mainly on the passengers accompanying us. If they have no objections to it, we can boldly remove the muzzle of the quadruped. Nevertheless, let us remember that we cannot predict the reaction of fellow passengers. Therefore, travelling by train is worth having with you.

As a rule, there is a regulation that dogs are not allowed in the catering area. The exceptions are guide dogs and assistance dogs for people with disabilities. Therefore, going on a lonely journey with your pet is worth getting the necessary provisions because visiting the train cafeteria will be impossible. During longer trips, the train staff often offers to buy coffee or tea from a mobile catering trolley, which they use to move between compartments. That is an excellent convenience for dog owners travelling alone with a pet.

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The right place on the train for a dog

Knowing the rules applicable to the train, we ask ourselves what the most appropriate place on the train for our dog is. To ensure maximum comfort for your pet during the journey, we should choose an area that will be as least conflictive as possible concerning other passengers.

A compartment car is the least comfortable place to travel with a dog, especially if it is more significant. A relatively small, enclosed space can cause unwanted confrontations with other passengers. The proximity of strangers to the dog can make the pet feel uncomfortable. In addition, unfortunately, if one of the co-passengers strongly questions the presence of a dog in a compartment car, the train staff may ask us to leave the compartment. However, this is extreme; in most cases, it trains employees to resolve such conflicts in the most peaceful way possible.

Therefore, decide on a train with our four-legged friend in a non-compartment car if you can. Contrary to appearances, open space is convenient for travelling with a dog. Direct contact with other passengers is much less than with a seat in the compartment. A non-compartment car means more freedom for the dog, who can easily lie beside our chair without disturbing anyone sitting opposite. That is especially important when our pet is slightly larger.

A dog’s well-being while riding a train largely depends on observing your dog’s behaviour while travelling together. It may turn out that the open compartment makes him uncomfortable, and the compartment version is a better option.

How to prepare your pet for a train journey

First, go for a long walk with your dog before travelling by train. Let your pet take care of its needs. In addition, if you are waiting for an extremely long journey, ensure that the dog has had the right amount of movement and physical activity beforehand.

For the sake of your dog, it is worth limiting the size of the meal eaten before the journey. If your pet suffers from motion sickness, it will be much easier for him to survive the trip. The dog should not be overly full while riding the train.

Remember to bring a bottle of water and a small bowl with you. The dog must be able to quench his thirst. However, control the amount of water you drink, especially if the next stop is still far ahead of you.

a small dog on the blanket lying

You can take his favourite toy to make your dog’s time travelling by train more pleasant. It is essential, however, that it does not make loud noises that could disturb other passengers. If you want to cheer your pet up during the journey, take his blanket on which he rests daily. The familiar scent will soothe his nerves and allow him to find himself in a new situation.

Be ready for adventure

Travelling with your dog can be fun. Even if the dog is a bit sceptical about riding the train at first, he will quickly understand that there is nothing to be afraid of. Travelling together is the moment when your relationship becomes even more vital. Don’t waste this opportunity, and let yourself enjoy the adventure that awaits you! What does your pet think about travelling by train?

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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