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What annoys my dog

Many of our behaviours can make our pets nervous. Knowing the most frequently repeated ones, you can avoid them. That is very important because it directly impacts our relationship with the pet. If we often make the dog nervous, our behaviour will negatively affect your bond.

dog o the bed sitting in a room

What annoys the dog

Do you ever feel like your beloved pet has given you a hard time? I think I know the answer to that question very well. Our dogs also have moments when our behaviour does not suit them. Now you are probably wondering what annoys my dog.

It’s not easy to get your dog off balance. A dog devoted to his guardian can show great patience, even in very uncomfortable situations and conditions from his point of view. However, there comes a moment when our dog can get fed up with us.

Annoyance on the part of a pet is not a pleasant feeling for any dog ​​owner. So how to avoid situations that can annoy many dogs? First, you should know the most common reasons for his nervousness. Many of them you certainly don’t even expect.

Which certainly annoys every dog

Do you ever wonder about some unusual behaviour of your dog? Maybe your pet ostentatiously turns away when you try to pet it or tries not to look in your direction.

Your dog is likely reacting to some of your behaviours that are just irritating him.


It is true that dogs, just like people, need tenderness, sympathy and affection. However, we must remember that dogs show that we are close to them in a different way than we do.

That also works the other way around. Dogs expect you to show them sympathy in the same way as they do.

In their eyes, a hug is no form of expression of affection. On the contrary, embracing the dog by the neck or trunk makes him feel threatened and vulnerable.

A lot depends on how you hug your dog. As long as your embrace doesn’t make the dog feel trapped or unable to escape, it should be fine.

You probably think this is false because your pet does not react negatively to your hugs. However, you need to know that the fact that your dog tolerates these types of gestures directed at him does not mean that he is happy with them.

The dog tries to tolerate this kind of behaviour because he likes us. Nevertheless, be aware that this is not a comfortable feeling for him.

two small dogs on the lead walking

Restricting freedom while walking

Walks are one of my favourite parts of every dog’s day. That is when the dog experiences many new stimuli, learns unfamiliar smells or meets other animals.

I don’t think anything annoys a dog more than blocking him from contacting all these factors of the outside world. Shortening the walking time to a minimum is very harmful to the dog.

Hurrying the quadruped during joint walks, limiting the possibility of learning and analyzing the encountered smells, can cause a feeling of nervousness in the quadruped.

Of course, I am not advocating that you allow your pet complete, even uncontrolled, freedom from now on. Observe what is worth sniffing in the eyes of the dog, and if something raises your objections, do not hesitate to take the dog to another place.

dog plays with a dog toy

Why is freedom during walks so important? It allows the dog to explore the outside world in its full glory. Thanks to this, the dog becomes more courageous and self-confident; he is not afraid of unfamiliar situations or contact with other animals.

No respect for the dog’s area

An upset dog will not want to play with you or spend time together. There is probably nothing more unpleasant for every dog ​​guardian.

So what can put a dog in a bad mood?

We were invading his personal space. We often do it unconsciously, unaware that our behaviour throws the dog off balance. Dogs do not like it when we get too close to their mouth, especially when we do it suddenly.

They also react badly when we put our hands on their head. They perceive it as a gesture that proves our superiority over them. Most pets do not like to be picked up and moved this way from place to place.

The dog likes to see what gesture you make towards him. He hates unexpected situations that surprise him completely.

Every dog ​​must have his corner in the house, which will be his asylum. It can be a bed in a strategic place where the dog can simultaneously hide and observe what is happening around him.

In my dog’s case, such an asylum is the URBAN dog bed from Bowl&Bone Republic. If you want to learn how to choose the best mattress for your dog, I refer you to the entry HERE. You will learn from it what is most important for a dog in his lair.

Poorly developed daily routine with your pet

Dogs feel good when they know what their daily schedule looks like.

They love a routine that gives them a sense of security and stability. Therefore, stick to a specific, consistent pattern regarding your pet’s daily activities.

That, of course, mainly applies to meals, walks or bedtime. Dogs appreciate the predictability of the day, but this does not mean that from now on, you should have a fixed hour to play or spend time together.

It is worth maintaining a healthy balance in this situation, which will make the dog feel more confident in your relationship.

Not taking the dog seriously

Dogs feel when they become the object of jokes or ridicule.

It is just as unpleasant and humiliating for them as it is for people. Dogs also don’t like when we try to imitate or mock them. They then feel confused and offended.

An oily approach to your dog is also terrible behaviour that I strongly warn you against.

Forcing to play with other dogs

Not every pet likes to spend time with other dogs. In that case, forcing them to interact with other dogs can be annoying for your canine. You will certainly notice if your dog does not want to play with the other dog.

Please don’t make him do it. There’s nothing wrong with a dog preferring to spend time playing with you rather than other pets.

Knowing what annoys your dog, act differently

The sad and upset dog is not happy. If you want to take care of his well-being and the positive atmosphere in your home, keep in mind that some of your behaviour may harm your pet.

Remember that for your dog, you are the most important person in his life. Make sure the dog feels as vital and close to your heart as you are to him!

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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