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What are the basic needs of the dog?

Are you sure you know all the basic needs of your four-legged friend? If you have any doubts about it, I have put them together in one place, especially for you. Remember that what may seem trivial may be extremely important to your dog.

a small dog on the cream dog bed

Dogs have their own needs that may not seem so evident to us. Your doggie needs your love. He likes to play and spend time with other dogs. Time for himself is also essential and having his asylum in your home is necessary.

What will you learn from this article:

  • Dogs have different needs than humans
  • Your dog needs to feel your love
  • Your little dog needs to have his asylum at home

The dog’s needs

How well do you know your four-legged friend? I think every dog ​​handler thinks they know absolutely everything about their dog. However, there are often situations when it turns out that this knowledge is incomplete. Then what?

I try to broaden my knowledge about dogs all the time. Thanks to this, he feels that he is raising his dog in a very conscious way. I try to give him the best life possible and make him feel completely happy every day.

Regarding our pets’ subject, we need to raise one of the most critical issues – dogs’ needs. Are you sure you know what your little dog expects from you?

Some of the dog’s needs differ from those we know in our lives. Yes, some repeat themselves, but there are also some that you might not have learned. Therefore, I hope my suggestions and thoughts will help you better understand your dog’s needs.

two dogs on grey cushions

Why You Need to Know Your Dog’s Needs

First, let’s focus on why knowing your four-legged friend’s needs is so important. Most of all, it will help you be a better sitter for your dog.

Knowing what is especially important to your dog will help you meet all his needs. Hence, your dog will feel fully taken care of by you. This is very important as it makes your dog think that they are someone significant to you.

I treat my dog as a member of my family. I want him to feel the best with me. Meeting his basic needs is a compulsory element of caring for him. I am sure that, as a canine sitter, you approach this issue very similarly.

What are the basic needs of the dog?

You already know why it is essential to understand your doggy’s needs. Let’s focus on what exactly they are. You can write to me in the comment section with your suppositions about this. What do you think are the basic needs of your four-legged friend?

The dog needs the love of a caretaker

Dogs are herd animals; they cannot live alone. They feel miserable, then. Therefore, one of the basic needs of a dog is the love of the handler. There is a reason why I tell you so often about how important your bond is with your pet.

You are the most crucial person in your dog’s life—companion and friend for good and bad times. Strengthening your relationship makes your little dog happier every day.

You can tell from a dog very quickly when he does not receive as much love and attention from his guardian as he needs. He is sad and depressed. There is no sparkle in his wise dog eyes.

Therefore, show him much love and affection if you care for a four-legged friend. I am sure you want the best for your pet, and your closeness is crucial to him.

Time with other dogs

Although the time spent with you is significant and valuable for your dog, other dogs should also be present in his life. The bond between two quadrupeds is entirely different from the relationship between the dog and the handler.

Dog friendship is something unique. The relationship that forms between two dogs can be powerful and lasting. My pet has his dog friend Franie. I can see how happy he is to see her and loves to spend time with her. He is then delighted and content.

Watching my doggie, I can see how important his time with other dogs is for my four-legged friend. Therefore, bearing in mind the well-being and happiness of my pet, I try to ensure that he can play and contact other dogs regularly.

dogs with yellow bullet playing

Fun in the dog’s life

Play is an essential element in the life of every dog. Unfortunately, I often come across the statement that older dogs don’t like to play anymore. Nothing could be more wrong. The game is suitable for dogs of any age.

The most important thing is to choose the fun according to the age of your four-legged friend. A different type of entertainment will be appropriate for a tiny puppy and another kind of entertainment for a senior canine.

As you know, puppies are highly energetic. In their case, all kinds of games based on running or wrestling will work great. When my dog was little, his favourite game was stretching with the Bullet from Bowl & Bone Republic.

For slightly older dogs, games based on the sense of smell can work. An example may be the search for treats hidden at home in places easily accessible to the dog.

Time for the dog to only for himself

I’m sure you like the feeling a lot when you finally have time for yourself, and so do I. This is the moment when I can do whatever I want. I appreciate such moments. For your four-legged friend, this is also very important.

Dogs and humans need time only for themselves during the day. They can then relax and rest in any way they like. If you see your dog lying in his lair, let him do so. You don’t have to spend every moment together.

If you spend a lot of time playing together during the day, don’t blame your dog for wanting to spend the evening alone. Don’t harass him; let him relax.

The dog’s own space

Each of us needs to have some space just for ourselves. The asylum he goes to when he needs to spend time alone, only with himself. Your four-legged friend also has this need. Even if he spends nights sleeping in your bed or on the couch, it doesn’t mean his bed is unnecessary. Nothing could be more wrong.

Your dog needs to feel that he owns the place at home. You certainly know how important the sense of smell is for your dog. The scent of his lair will remind him of a sense of security and peace.

My dog often goes to bed in his bed when we come home after a long absence. His URBAN lair gives him the feeling that he has returned to his home.

Your little dog has different needs

Your four-legged friend has many needs that you probably wouldn’t even think about in the first place. Dogs, however, are different from us and what may seem trivial to us is extremely important to them. Show your dog a lot of love and support. I need to feel safe with you.

What do you think your dog needs? I was hoping you could write me your answer in the comment below.

If you have any questions or want me to bring up a topic in the next post, share it with me in the comments section.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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