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What else you don’t know about dog blankets

dog in a dog bed with a blanket

Are you wondering if your four-legged friend needs a dog blanket in his layette? The answer to this question is most definitely in the affirmative. So, I want to show you why your dog should always have his favourite blanket with him.

A dog blanket should be an obligatory element of every layette for a four-legged friend. It fulfils many functions. Your dog can treat it as a bed, a place to play or hide from the cold during long winter evenings.

What you will learn from this article:

  • The blanket is an essential element of the dog’s layette
  • The dog can treat the blanket as a bed
  • An unfolded blanket can be an excellent place for your dog to play

Dog blanket

How much importance do you attach to the choice of accessories for your dog? That is a significant issue for me, and I try to make the best and most well-thought-out decisions in this area.

Therefore, when buying a new blanket for my four-legged friend, I try to choose one that will meet all my dog’s needs. At first, I thought it didn’t matter much. Every dog ​​blanket is the same. However, it soon turned out that I was very wrong.

For my dog, the blanket is an essential element of his dog layette. I can safely say that I use it every day, whether when he’s going to take a nap, relaxing on the couch, or having fun.

For this reason, I want to tell you more about dog blankets. How your dog can use them, and what to pay special attention to when buying them.

two dogs on the blanets on chairs

What is a blanket for a dog?

Do you know what your four-legged friend can use his dog blanket for? You will surely answer that it is for lying down, and this is the correct answer. However, I want to inform you that a blanket for your dog can play a much more important role than you might think.

The dog hides in a blanket

My dog’s obligatory set is to combine his URBAN bed from Bowl&Bone Republic with a blanket. My dog likes this configuration the most, which provides him with a blissful sleep.

Since the dog is lying on a soft, comfortable bed, you probably wonder why he needs a blanket. A lot of dogs like to hide a little while sleeping. So is my four-legged friend. Before he falls asleep, he meticulously lays down to sleep in his blanket.

The blanket is a bed for the dog

When I take my four-legged friend somewhere with me, and I cannot take a mat for a dog LOFT from Bowl&Bone Republic, I take his blanket for such a trip.

In such a situation, it is a form of bed for my dog. When we go somewhere by car, my dog ​​feels much more comfortable and safer when there is his favourite blanket on the seat on which he can lie down.

The advantage of this type of bed is that it takes up very little space. My dog ​​resists lying on the ground in a new, unfamiliar place. However, if I spread his blanket for him, the situation would be completely different. He can take a nap in a few minutes.

Where else do I take a blanket for my dog ​​, then? When we go to a dog-friendly restaurant. Spreading the blanket under or at the table does not occupy much space, and my dog ​​feels very comfortable.

The blanket protects the dog from the cold

My dog ​​can be a real chill. As soon as the temperature outside drops below zero, my dog ​​visibly feels it. Of course, the fact that it is annoying for him during walks is perfectly understandable to me.

However, my dog ​​needs additional protection against the cold on colder days, even at home. That usually happens when he lies relaxed and does not engage in any physical activity.

Therefore, when we rest together on the evening couch, I always have his favourite blanket ready. My four-legged friend loves to cuddle up to him and spends long winter evenings this way.

If you have noticed that your dog can’t find a place while you’re relaxing on the couch, try spreading a dog blanket for him. I’m sure he’ll happily snuggle into its excellent structure.

A blanket is a place for the dog to play

I don’t know about your dog, but my pup has his favourite places to play. In his opinion, not every site in the house is a suitable space for my four-legged friend to want to spend his free time.

A significant issue for my dog ​​is the floor. He is very reluctant to play on the floor. He usually chews on his toys while lying on the carpet, in bed, on the couch, or on the blanket.

Therefore, when I see that he is bored and cannot find a place to sit, I put his NAP blanket in the living room and his favourite toys on it. Each time the dog is happy to use the space prepared for him to play.

Unfolding a play blanket is a beneficial solution I highly recommend when we are in a new, unfamiliar place for the dog.

The blanket gives a sense of security

There are situations when your dog feels uncomfortable in a new, unfamiliar space. The blanket in such a situation is an asylum for your dog. He feels good and safe on it.

What makes an ordinary dog ​​blanket soothe your dog in such a situation? The familiar smell makes the dog feel much more confident. For our quadrupeds, the sense of smell is of great importance. It directly affects many aspects of his life.

Therefore, if I take my dog ​​to a new place, I always take his blanket. Thanks to this, I am sure he will feel more confident, and thus I will reduce unnecessary stress for him. I’m sure it’s essential to you as well. If there is a way to limit the delivery of negative emotions to the dog, I think it is worth doing.

A blanket is an obligatory element of a dog’s layette

As you can see, a blanket can fulfil many different and essential functions in your dog’s life. If your dog doesn’t have a blanket, you should consider buying one as soon as possible. I’m sure your four-legged friend will love it.

Caring for a dog blanket

Because my dog’s blanket accompanies our lives almost every moment, I must correctly handle it. Usually, you will have to clean it more often than when you bed your dog. Your pet’s lair is always in one place, so it won’t have as many opportunities to get dirty.

So how should a dog blanket be cleaned? First, check the manufacturer’s recommendations on the label. Not every blanket can be washed in an automatic washing machine. Otherwise, the covering may lose its original traits.

Your pet will love his dog’s blanket

I can’t imagine my dog’s layette without a blanket. I know that it is essential to him. It accompanies him daily in many ways. If your dog doesn’t have his blanket yet, consider buying one.

What function does the blanket most often play in your dog’s life? Please share it with me by leaving a comment below.

If you have any questions or want me to touch on a topic in the next post, share it with me in the comments section.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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