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What fruit can a dog eat?

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Fruits for a dog – is it really a good idea?

Although it would seem that dogs are typical carnivores, fruit and vegetables also hit their taste buds. This does not mean that plant foods should form the basis of pooches’ meals. The basis of a balanced dog diet shall provide him with the right amount of meat. Meat mainly provides the pet with energy and strength to act. Nevertheless, supplementing the menu with fruits will make his meals more balanced, rich in vitamins and microelements.

Remember that the fruits are not equal and not each will be suitable for the dog to eat. Quantity also plays a very important role. Although the fruits are good for the pooch’s body, too much can affect him negatively. If you want to ensure a proper balance in your pet’s diet, you need to know what dose will be most suitable for him.

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Such fruit can be eaten by a dog

In the beginning, it is worth mentioning the fact that a dog can eat a given type of fruit does not mean that he will like it. Many pooches can be really picky about food taste. Therefore, do not be afraid to experiment. If the dog’s taste does not suit the taste of one fruit, try with another. Hitting the quadruped’s taste is often a challenge, so don’t give up if a particular fruit doesn’t suit him.

Fruit for a dog is also a kind of variety when everyday meals become boring and monotonous for him.

– whether bananas are suitable for a dog

Bananas are an excellent source of vitamin C, as well as magnesium and fibre. It is a fruit that can be given to dogs. Due to its sweet taste, bananas should suit most canine cravings.

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Remember, however, that this is a high-calorie fruit, so do not overdo it with its amount in your pet’s daily diet. This is especially important if your four-legged friend is prone to obesity.

– does the pooch eat an apple?

Another fruit that can be consumed by dogs, and what’s more, your pet will definitely enjoy is an apple. The great advantage of this fruit is its availability and a very affordable price. An apple to perfectly complements the pooch’s daily diet. Tetrapods love its crunchy structure, juiciness and a slightly sour taste.

Apples are very healthy, contain vitamin C, as well as A and K. In addition, they are fruits rich in fibre and antioxidants. When giving your four-legged friend an apple as a healthy snack during the day, remember to prepare it properly in advance. It’s best if you cut them into separate particles, excluding the fruit core, which is not very good for a pooch.

Due to the hardness and crunchiness of apples, it is not recommended to give them to dogs who suffer from dental diseases because eating them can cause them great discomfort and pain.

– watermelon is valuable for both pooch and for you

During hot summer days, watermelon is the perfect snack for both you and your pet. It is a fruit that in the vast majority consists of water, thanks to which it perfectly hydrates the body. Especially during hot days, regular irrigation is extremely important! In addition, watermelon contains vitamin B and C.

It is worth noting that before you give the pet this fruit to eat, you must first peel it and remove stones. These items can be poisonous to a dog and should not be consumed by him.

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Fruits dogs should not eat

Not all fruit is good for a dog. Under no circumstances, some of them shouldn’t appear in the diet of your pet. Although you can love them yourselves, they can be very harmful to your four-legged friend.

– do not give the dog citrus fruit

Citrus fruits, although probably loved by you, are unfortunately not recommended for your four-legged friend. Although it would seem that the high content of vitamin C present in citruses will be very good for the health of the dog, unfortunately, in reality, the situation looks slightly different.

Why? This is because, under the influence of eating citrus, your pooch’s body will produce gastric acid more intensively. As a result, the dog may feel sick and have stomach pain. This situation indeed involves eating more citrus fruits, not eating a single piece, but it is nevertheless worth bearing in mind.

– grapes are not good for your pet

Although this type of fruit may seem very inconspicuous, consumed by a dog has a very negative effect on his body. This is because pooch has a huge problem digesting grapes. This process is very damaging to the doggy kidneys.

What’s more, consuming more grapes by a dog can have very negative effects. In addition to symptoms such as nausea or lack of appetite, the pooch may feel lethargic and deprived of energy.

– don’t give your dog a raisin

Raisins act on doggy in a similar way to grapes. If your pet eats a significant amount of them, be sure to go to the vet with him. In this situation, the pooch will certainly require specialist help.

When a dog eats up to five raisins can already seriously affect his health. Therefore, if you notice that the dog has eaten at least a few pieces of grapes or raisins, do not underestimate this matter and go to the vet for a control visit.

Proper balancing your dog’s diet is essential

Remember that the way you serve the fruit is also important. Wash them thoroughly and divide them into smaller parts. Fruit will definitely taste even better from favourite dog bowl of your pooch. To find the right model, be sure to check the Bowl&Bone Republic pet bowls. The DUO bowl model, its single SOLO version or the larger GRANDE bowl are the definite favourites of every gourmet dog.

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Extending the pooches diet with fruit is very good, however, to be completely safe, you must maintain a healthy balance. Dogs are primarily carnivores, which is why meat should be the main ingredient in their daily diet.

Fruit for a dog is a great complement to the daily diet, however, their quantity should be thought out and adapted directly to the weight and taste preferences of a given pooch. Remember about the harmfulness of some fruits and do not include them in your pet’s menu!


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