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What size should a dog bowl be?

dog eats from the duo ceramic dog bowl

When choosing a new bowl for your four-legged friend, consider its appearance and size. That is very important because otherwise, your dog’s bowl may be too small or too big for him.

When buying a new dog bowl, we should consider its appearance, shape, colour, and size. Many dog ​​owners don’t realize that a dog’s bowl can be too small or too big. The ideal dog bowl should be adequate for his size and body structure.

What you will learn from this article:

  • The dog bowl may be too big
  • The dog’s bowl may be too small for him
  • You should adjust the dog bowl directly to the height of the dog

Dog bowl size

When buying a new thing, we pay attention to its appearance, i.e. whether we like it or not, and its dimensions and size. That is especially important for clothes, but not only. When choosing furniture or home accessories, I also pay attention to whether the item is too small or too big for my space.

A widespread mistake made when buying a dog bowl is not paying attention to his size. Many dog ​​owners think a bowl is just a bowl, and any bowl will suit their dog. Nothing is wrong.

That’s why I want to give you tips on choosing the best bowl size for your four-legged friend. Thanks to my suggestions, I hope you can find the best option for your dog.

Can a dog bowl be too big?

If you’re wondering if a dog’s bowl can be too big, I’m in a hurry to answer this question. Most definitely, yes, and there are several reasons.

The dog does not reach the bottom of the bowl

First, an oversized bowl can be troublesome for your four-legged friend while eating, especially if you have a small breed dog under your care. Your pet may be unable to eat all the food in his bowl because he can’t reach the bottom of it.

I understand this situation can irritate and make the dog uncomfortable. I, too, would be upset by being unable to finish my favourite meal. Therefore, if your dog is a Chihuahua, Maltese or Puggy, consider whether the bowl you choose will suit your dog.

dog eats from the duo ceramic dog bowl

The dog eats too much

Another reason choosing an oversized dog bowl is a big mistake is that you may unknowingly give your dog too much food. Dosing dog food, we often instinctively want to fill the dog’s bowl at least partially. When it is large, we give the dog more food than needed.

As a result, the dog gets too much food for his needs almost daily. Let’s face it, most dogs are gluttons, so your pet will eat as much food as you give it. This situation repeated every day can lead to being overweight your dog.

Obesity in dogs is a serious and real problem. That directly impacts the deterioration of the dog’s health, not only its appearance. If you want to learn more about overweight dogs and how to deal with them, I refer you to my other post. You will find it HERE.

The dog gets dirty while eating

A too big bowl for your dog can also cause your dog to get dirty while eating. Your pet can put his ears or his whole head inside to get to the bottom of the bowl and his favourite morsels.

That is especially visible in dogs of breeds whose characteristic feature is highly long ears, such as porcelain. If you want to learn more about this dog breed, I refer you to my other entry devoted to this subject. You will find it HERE.

I think that cleaning the pet’s face after each meal is nothing particularly desirable for none of us. Therefore, if you have noticed that your four-legged friend tends to get extremely dirty while eating, consider whether the bowl from which he eats is not too big for him. That is by far the most common cause of this situation.

The dog bowl is too small

You already know that having a too-large bowl can be problematic for your dog. However, it also works the other way around. If your dog’s bowl is too small, it can be uncomfortable for your four-legged friend.

Why? The dog may receive too small portions of food. We often forget that being underweight in dogs is a natural and real problem. Although it is not as common as obesity, it does not mean that it does not apply to dogs at all.

If you are not going to eat your dog, a bowl that is too small can give the impression that your dog is getting a lot of food because it takes up a large part of the container. As a result, the dog gets too little food for his needs. Most dogs are gluttons, so asking for more goodness after a meal won’t directly signal that something is wrong.

What size should your dog’s bowl be?

So as you can see, both too small and too large a bowl for your dog can be a significant problem, bothering your dog in his everyday life. That’s why I want you to know how to choose the best dog bowl size.

Dog bowl size

Many manufacturers of dog accessories offer a given model of a dog bowl in various sizes, as is the case with clothes. I admit that, at first, I was surprised by this fact. I thought dog bowls were one size fits all. Did you think so too? Please write me your answer in the comment below.

So how do you approach choosing the size of a dog bowl in such a simple way? Proceed with clothes for your four-legged friend or walking accessories such as a collar or harness.

If your dog belongs to a group of small dogs and you usually choose an XS or S harness for him, a bowl in a similar size will be suitable for him. On the other hand, if your dog is huge, think about an M or L bowl.

The Bowl&Bone Republic brand offers a high-quality DUO dog bowl, available in two sizes to choose from, S and M. Thanks to this, the dog’s guardian can select the variant that will be most suitable for his pet.

Dog bowl design

At the design stage, some dog bowls were already created for slightly larger dogs. The frame is somewhat higher, so the dog does not have to bend too much while eating.

An example of a bowl on a slightly larger frame is the DELI line from Bowl&Bone Republic. This bowl will work even for such large breeds as, for example, the English Bulldog.

a dog eats from a dark duo dog bowl

The best dog bowl

The bowl size for your dog should be fully adjusted to his height. If you are unsure whether a given model will suit your dog, ask the employees of the given brand for help. They will happily advise you on choosing the best bowl for your dog.

What do you think? Does your dog have a bowl well matched to his size? Please write me your answer in the comment below.

If you have any questions for me or want me to touch on a topic in the next post, be sure to share it with me in the comments section

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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