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When the dog stops behaving like a puppy

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Wondering how long your four-legged friend will behave like a puppy? That depends on several factors I would like to tell you about in this post. First, it is worth noting that a dog’s mental and physical adulthood are two different things.

The puppy period in a dog’s life lasts until he is one year old. How quickly your dog stops acting like a puppy depends on several factors. Among them, we can mention, among others, our commitment to dog training, his intelligence, and what breed it is.

What you will learn from this article:

The puppyhood period in dogs lasts until approximately one year of age

Training commands make the dog stop behaving like a puppy faster

The breed of the dog has an impact on how quickly his puppyhood will end

The dog will stop acting like a puppy

I remember the puppy period in my dog’s life with great emotion and joy that this stage is behind us. Little dogs are adorable. Watching them learn about the world around them is heartwarming. For puppies, everything is new, unknown, and exciting.

At the same time, they are full of energy and cannot sit still. As a result, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with them. My dog’s number of bitten things  ​​when he was still a puppy is impressive. The same goes for sleepless nights and hours spent learning to clean.

Although I don’t think my dog ​​was unruly during his puppy stage, I am glad he is an adult, well-mannered dog. If you have a small dog under your care, you are surely wondering when your dog will stop behaving like a puppy. In this post, I want to answer that question for you. I hope you find what you are looking for here.

How long does a dog’s puppyhood last?

First, it is worth mentioning that we should consider the dog’s puppy period twofold. The one concerns his physical maturity, and the one focuses on his psyche. Interestingly, these aspects do not fully coincide with each other in time.

When a puppy’s body is mature

Puppies grow very fast. I remember my puppy changing almost overnight. How quickly this process lasts in a dog largely depends on his breed. Dogs belonging to the group of small dogs reach their final size much faster than large dogs. That usually lasts until the dog is about half a year old.

For large dogs, this process takes much longer. That is understandable because of how large some dog breeds are. Sometimes a dog’s body reaches his final size until his first year.

When the puppy is mentally mature

A dog’s mental maturity is not fully correlated with its physical maturity. Although your dog’s body has reached his final size, this does not mean his puppyhood is over.

That is especially noticeable with small dogs, which stop growing quite quickly. Even though your dog has reached his height, he will still act like a puppy.

Dogs reach psychological maturity around the first year of their life. Of course, for many different reasons, it can last shorter or longer for each dog.

What determines the speed of growing up a puppy

How long your pet will behave like a puppy depends on several different factors. Indeed, you have experienced that dogs, even if they are precisely the same age, it does not mean that they will behave the same. On the contrary, they can be very different from each other.

So, I will show you the factors that affect how quickly your dog will stop behaving like a puppy.

Training new skills

The puppy period is when your dog learns new things quickly and easily. Therefore, you should immediately start training if you take a small dog under your care.

Of course, I don’t mean teaching fancy dog tricks here. It’s about teaching your dog what will be of great help later in life. I believe there should be such commands as leave, to me, to the place, or to stay.

Training new skills directly affects whether you perceive a dog. The more skills he acquires, the more grown-up he will be about the world around him.

Puppy socialization

How your puppy grows up will largely depend on his socialization. A dog that is uncomfortable in various social situations will seem more immature.

If the dog does not know how to behave when he meets other dogs, it may mean that he is still at the beginning of his socialization process; similarly, if the presence of other people is something extraordinary and abstract for him.

Of course, this is normal, and puppy socialization begins from the first days of his life. Being able to socialize is one of the signs that your canine is slowly moving out of his puppyhood and into a young dog.

You can find more about the puppy socialization process in my other post, which you can find HERE.

Another dog as a role model

When a puppy is brought up with another older dog, he often tries to imitate his behaviour. The adult dog becomes a role model for him, and your little pet tries to be the same.

You can easily observe that puppies that grow up with another dog grow much faster. What it comes from? A puppy learns everyday behaviour from us by training new skills and imitating his brother or sister.

You should be aware of this because a puppy may also repeat behaviours you don’t like in your older dog. Therefore, before you take your new pet under your care, ensure that your dog can perform basic commands.

Your dog’s breed

There is no denying what character traits will speak through your four-legged friend. His breed has a significant influence. Dogs can be very different from each other. Interestingly, your dog’s breed affects his appearance, character, and personification.

Some dog breeds are perceived as more intelligent than others, which is normal. That is due to the specificity of the species. If you want to learn more about the intelligence of our four-legged friends, I refer you to my entry, which is entirely devoted to this topic. You will find it HERE.

The intelligence of a dog undeniably affects the process of growing up a dog. If he belongs to the group of the most intelligent breeds, he will learn the commands you want to teach him much faster. As a result, he will get rid of typical puppy behaviour much quicker and become an adult canine.

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Puppy period in a dog’s life

Although I know some puppy behaviours can be troublesome, I fondly remember this period in my dog’s life. It was beautiful to be able to accompany him when he was getting to know the world around him.

And how do you remember when your dog was still a little puppy? Please share it with me by leaving a comment below.

If you have any questions or want me to discuss a topic in the next post, share it in the comments section.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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