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Where to go with a dog in the mountains and what to take?

dog sits on the snow in a grey jacket

A trip to the mountains with the dog sounds like great fun, and I guarantee you that it can be. It would help if you prepared well for this fantastic journey. First, ensure that the trail you choose as your destination is dog friendly. Then prepare a layette for your pet for a mountain trip. So that nothing surprises you during the journey.

In the mountains with the dog

Do you want to go with a dog to the mountains and don’t know how to do it? First, let me assure you that you have nothing to fear. It will be a fantastic adventure that will surely stay in your memory for years.

However, a trip to the mountains will require proper preparation from you. First, you will not be able to enter every mountain place with your four-legged friend. Secondly, you will need helpful dog accessories that will be useful to you in the mountains.

I will also tell you which direction to take if you want to go on a mountain trip with your canine. There are some beautiful places that you absolutely must see.

Where to go with a dog in the mountains?

At the outset, you need to think carefully about what exactly will be the purpose of your trip. Many beautiful mountain ranges would be an excellent destination for your trip. The priority in choosing a travel destination is whether dogs are welcome on the central mountain trails in this place.

Unfortunately, for safety reasons, many national parks located in the mountains have a ban on pets. Therefore, ensure that the trails you want to follow will also be accessible to your dog.

Dog-friendly mountain national parks

The national parks in Poland I will present to you in a moment allow you to go hiking with your dog. However, this does not mean there are no rules in these places, and your pet can run freely without a leash. Remember that it is still a national park area, so flora and fauna are under special care.

Table Mountains National Park

As the name suggests, it is located in the Stołowe Mountains, the Central Sudetes mountain range. It is a beautiful place characterized by numerous rocks of various sizes and shapes. Your pet will surely love to go on a trip to this place.

Karkonosze National Park

The park is located in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, right next to the border with the Czech Republic. It consists of as many as 112 km of trails, so you will undoubtedly find a route your pet can cover without much problem. The extent of the Karkonosze National Park is impressive.

Ojców National Park

Undoubtedly, the characteristic feature of this park is the massive number of caves in its area. In addition, we can meet well-known rock objects in the Ojcowski National Park, such as the Mace of Hercules or the Glove and many other monuments. It is a perfect place when you want to go on a dog-friendly trail and see more than just mountain views.

Magura National Park

It is a park in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, which has beautiful forested areas. If your pet loves forest hiking, this will be the perfect place. The unique streams that will surely please the eye during the trip are also worth mentioning.

a small dog on the grey leash

What to do when we can’t take the dog on the trail

First, it is worth paying attention to the fact that a trip to the mountains is not only a trip along popular, marked trails. There are many places where you can safely walk your dog and admire the beautiful view of the mountains.

Check which places in the mountains are not covered by the ban on walking pets. I am sure that even these less popular mountain areas will appeal to you and your pet.

However, I would not recommend you leave the dog alone in the place of your accommodation and go without it on the trail to the very top. It is difficult to fully predict how your hike will go, what the weather will be like that day, and how long the climb will take you.

You should not leave your pet alone in a new place if the time of your return is not specific. Of course, the situation is different if your four-legged friend stays in good, friendly hands.

What to take when going to the mountains with your dog

The accessories for the dog that will accompany you during the joint trip are essential. First, they are designed to provide the dog with comfort during the journey and meet his needs. So what will you need when going to the mountains with your dog? I will tell you what worked best for me during mountain trips with my dog.

Dog harness and leash

A comfortable harness is a must-have for a mountain trip with a dog. First, on the trail, your pet will have to be on a leash at all times. Dog harnesses should fit well. Otherwise, they can cause chafing and discomfort when moving.

Don’t know how to choose the correct harness for your dog? My proven model is the line of high-quality ACTIVE dog harness from Bowl&Bone Republic. They have accompanied us on many a mountain trip together.

A leash for a mountain hike should be firm and not too long. Why? A solid leash must guarantee that the dog will not break away when he sees wild animals and instinctively breaks out towards them.

In turn, a leash that is too long will not work when hiking on the trail because you should keep your dog close to you in this place. If you are in a place under special protection, your pet should not accidentally destroy anything.

Treat sachet

Hiking in the mountains can be tiring. Therefore, when setting out on the trail, ensure you have your favourite treats up your sleeve that will give your pet strength.

I choose convenient MIDI treat sachets that can be easily attached to pants or a belt. Thanks to this, I always have dog treats, but it does not limit my movements.

It would be good if the sachet also had space for pouches. It is essential to take them with you on a trip. Fortunately, my red MIDI dog treat bag also has this function and is equipped with a convenient dispenser for poop bags. Everything is in one place.

Dog clothes

The weather in the mountains can be different. Sometimes even in summer, when we are slowly approaching the top, the temperature on the trail can leave much to be desired. Therefore, you must remember about clothes for your dog in the mountains. Admittedly, not all dogs need this kind of protection. Nevertheless, you know your pet well and how it reacts to low temperatures.

Clothes for a dog for a trip to the mountains should protect not only from the cold but also from the wind, which is often really annoying in this place.

Even if you think the weather will be very nice when you go on a joint trip, it won’t hurt if you pack clothes for your dog in your backpack, just in case.

Water bowl

Long hikes in the mountains make us thirsty, so I always have a water bottle. Of course, we can’t forget about our pets either.

Your canine will need a break to drink water while walking along the mountain trail. In such situations, I have a rubber dog bowl with me for the convenience of transport, which I fill with water from a bottle.

A trip to the mountains with a dog

My dog ​​loves walking together on mountain trails. However, I remember well when I took him on such a journey for the first time. The dog was a bit surprised that we only followed the marked trail, although there was so much fantastic and interesting nature around.

Several mountain visits have taught him that it is not a casual walk among the trees that we go to a nearby forest but a predetermined hike.

Therefore, if your dog is initially sceptical about walking in the mountains, do not worry. Tell me about your first visit to the trail, or if it’s still ahead of you, how do you prepare for it?

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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