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Why choose a quality dog bowl

Choosing a suitable dog bowl is not a simple task for you. If so, I will gladly tell you what you should pay attention to make sure that the selected product will serve your four-legged friend for a long time.

a dog eats from a white duo bowl

When choosing a dog bowl, choosing one made with great care and high-quality material is worth picking. As a result, it will serve your dog longer, positively affecting your dog and your home budget.

What will you learn from this article:

• A quality bowl will last longer for your dog

• The quality of the materials affects the comfort of using the bowl

• A high-quality bowl is usually more stable

High-quality dog ​​bowl

One of the obligatory elements of every dog ​​layette is a proper bowl. For every greedy eater dog, it is one of the accessories most appreciated in his eyes. Your dog uses his bowl every day.

When choosing a bowl for my four-legged friend, I consider some of the most critical issues for me. One of my key things is that my dog’s bowl is good quality.

My dog has been under my care for several years. Until now, it had both very cheap and weak bowls, as well as well-made ones. Therefore, I know how important the sound quality of dog products is. I want to share this knowledge with you. As a good guardian, I am sure you also want the best for your dog.

a dog eats from a brown duo bowl

Why it is not worth changing the dog’s bowl often

First, I would like to explain why it is not worth exchanging the dog’s bowl often. Of course, I do not mean the situation when it is damaged or damaged. Then keeping such a bowl is a terrible idea. Your dog may injure himself while eating from the cracked bowl.

My dog doesn’t like changes. He is very picky about many things; as soon as he accepts and gets used to a given item, he doesn’t want to change it. I also have a similar approach to things around me. I have my favourite blanket or coffee mug. I was sad to lose it clumsily one day from the table. It took me a long time to find my new favourite.

Many dogs have a similar approach to their things, which they use daily. They don’t like changes once they get used to what they already have. It is especially noticeable in susceptible dogs. For them, each change means quite a long process of getting used to something new.

Therefore, buying a high-quality bowl that will serve your dog much longer than that of average quality is a better solution. Thanks to this, your pet can reduce stress related to constantly getting used to the new bowl.

Some dogs have a hard time eating. They don’t want to eat food from their bowl, so caregivers have to hand-feed them. Getting used to your bowl is significant progress for such a dog. Therefore, when they achieve this, each time they change the bowl to a new one, this process begins again, which is not easy for the dog.

For this reason, choosing a good quality bowl is better because its replacement with a new model will be much less frequent, which will benefit your dog’s well-being.

The advantages of a quality dog ​​bowl

You may not be fully aware of the benefits of choosing a quality dog ​​bowl. Therefore, I would like to introduce you to the undisputed advantages of this solution.

The material of the dog bowl

In most cases, there are bowls with plastic inferior. Why is this a big minus? It is a material that essentially absorbs the smell of food in it. As you probably well know, dog food has a distinct aroma due to the taste preferences of our pets.

Therefore, after a dozen meals, your dog’s plastic bowl begins to have a characteristic smell that is very difficult to eliminate, despite thorough cleaning. Moreover, plastic bowls can also become discoloured from dog food, especially if they are light in colour.

High-quality bowls usually have metal or ceramic inserts. Such materials allow for maintaining high hygiene of the bowl. They are much easier to clean and do not absorb the smell of food served in them.

That is especially important if you don’t pay much attention to which bowl you give your dog water and which food. In a plastic bowl, the water may have the aftertaste of food.

dog eats from the duo ceramic dog bowl

The stability of the dog bowl

Neither of us likes to constantly clean up leftover food or spilt water around the bowl after the dog’s eating time. My dog used to tend to put his paw in the bowl while eating, which, unfortunately, very often turned over. As a result, the entire space around it was dirty.

To deal with this problem, I chose a bowl with a wooden frame, which was a bull’s eye. The bowl is very stable, and it is challenging for the dog to overturn it. In the case of my dog, it is practically impossible.

It is also essential that your dog cannot remove the insert inside the rack on his own. That makes the possibility of spilling the water in the bowl tiny.

In the case of my four-legged friend, I decided to buy a bowl from the DUO line from Bowl & Bone Republic. I chose the shade of dark wood because it harmonizes perfectly with my kitchen decor, and that’s where my dog’s bowl is daily.

Interestingly, the DUO bowl is available with both metal and ceramic inserts. That is important because some susceptible dogs sometimes fear eating from a metal bowl. What’s more, thanks to this, you can match the bowl’s appearance to the decor of your space. Both types of inserts are equally functional and fulfil their role very well.

The appearance of a dog bowl

For me, the space around me is significant. I try to make all the elements of my house harmonize well with each other. Therefore, I am not indifferent to the appearance of my four-legged friend’s accessories.

Of course, when buying new things for my dog, I first focus on making them fully suited to his needs. Only later do I pay attention to their appearance. However, I will not hide that I try to put on things that will please the eye in my space.

A high-quality dog ​​bowl is not only durable but also has a unique design. Designers of dog accessories know that for many dog ​​handlers, the appearance of products is essential. That is why the Bowl & Bone Republic brand is valued so much. I know I can always find high-quality accessories with a unique and thoughtful designs there.

A quality dog ​​bowl is a good choice

I can’t imagine giving my dog food in a plastic bowl. Of course, I agree to such exceptions when we are away from home and have no other option.

My dog’s comfort while eating is essential to me. That is why I always focus on quality.

And you pay attention to the quality of your dog’s accessories? I was hoping you could write me your answer in the comment below.

If you have any questions or want me to discuss a topic in the next post, share it with me in the comments section.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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