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Why is it worth having a dog?

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Dog friendship is one of the best things that happened to me in my life. My dog is my companion, my best friend. We spend a lot of time together, both actively and relaxing. Today I can’t imagine what my life would look like if I didn’t take care of my pet.

The dog teaches us selfless behaviour and empathy. It is also a great companion for spending free time on physical activity. The dog helps you overcome your barriers and fears. It also allows you to create a constant daily rhythm, which consists of waking up at the same time, taking a walk, time to playing with your pet.

What will you learn from this article

  • The dog teaches empathy and selflessness
  • A four-legged friend is a great companion for spending time actively
  • Thanks to your dog, you will develop a constant rhythm of the day

Why is it worth having a dog?

Taking care of a dog is a huge responsibility. I’m sure you’ll agree with me. From now on, the happy life of your pet is in your hands. The moment I brought my dog ​​home for the first time, a little puppy will still stay in my memory forever. From that day on, my life gained new colours and joy.

You may be wondering why you should have a dog. What makes dog guardians so obsessed with their dogs? If you are facing the decision to take care of a dog, I hope that this article will answer what you are looking for.

Dog friendship is a kind of bond incomparable to anything else. I think every dog ​​handler will agree with me on this point. However, I have some compelling facts if you are still wondering why you should have a dog.

Reasons why you should have a dog

Of course, for everyone, there will be different reasons why taking care of a dog is an excellent decision. Everyone in the dog’s eyes has the right to look for something completely different. I present my list based on my personal experiences and thoughts. Therefore, if you have other reasons for having a dog, write about them in the comment.

Joint physical activity with the dog

Unfortunately, I do not have a sports spirit, but at the same time, I know how important a daily dose of movement is. Since I got a dog, I have looked at physical activity in a completely different way. It is not a chore but rather a form of spending time that gives me a lot of joy and satisfaction.

Every day, one of the walks with my pet becomes a little hike for us. It lasts much longer than the other exits during the day. I try to change our route often so that it is always a form of discovering something new for us.

I know that I would not decide to go for long walks every day. However, when I know how important it is for my dog, I don’t even think about whether I want to do it. That is a regular part of my day. Considering my sedentary lifestyle, this is an excellent change in my daily habits, directly affecting my health.

In addition to walks, we like to spend time with my dog ​​playing in the park. For me, it’s also a great way to get around a little more. We usually choose to play tug, and my dog ​​loves it. We use a bullet made of thick rope from Bowl&Bone Republic.

A companion to spend time with

Spending evenings on the couch with my pet is one of the most awaited moments throughout the day. Watching a movie and stroking a dog snuggled up to me is an absolute relaxation, incomparable to any spa. I can see from my dog ​​that it is also a very nice feeling for him.

I am glad how many places these days are becoming open to the presence of pets. Thanks to this, I can take my four-legged friend to various exciting locations. My dog ​​is charming and willing to explore new places. Thanks to the training, I also have confidence that he will be able to behave appropriately.

So whenever I go out to see an art exhibition or have lunch outside, I take my canine. He is a great companion to spend time together. I admit that I have quite a big problem walking around the city alone. However, I feel confident and good when my pet is with me.

The dog teaches selflessness

What can be said about quadrupeds is how open their hearts are to others. My dog ​​gives me selfless friendship and expects nothing in return. He’s happy when I’m just around.

Such behaviour of dogs opens our eyes to the world that surrounds us, where so little is done out of pure kindness. That’s why sometimes I have the impression that dogs know much more about life than we do.

Selflessness is a quality you can learn from your four-legged friend every day. His friendship is devoid of any imposed expectations and claims.

Keeper of Secrets

Every dog ​​guardian will admit that he talks to his four-legged friend. I do it almost all the time. My dog ​​is my friend who knows all my secrets. I always share with him what is bothering me at the moment. Even though I know I won’t get an answer, it makes me feel so much better to share everything in my heart with him.

For me, this relationship is significant. I can see that since I took my pet under my care, my everyday well-being has been much better. I used to feel like something was missing in my life. I felt the emptiness that my four-legged friend filled perfectly. It turned out that he was what I had been missing for a long time.

Overcoming your barriers

I am a pretty shy person by nature. However, my dog ​​involuntarily learned to leave his comfort zone. He was the cause of many situations in which I had to overcome my shyness.

I remember one day while playing in the park, my dog ​​decided to run with his DEX toy to a group of young people, put it on their blanket and run back to me. I had to overcome my shyness and approach completely unknown people.

It turned out that I had absolutely nothing to fear. Everyone was friendly to me, and no one complained about my four-legged friend’s behaviour.

a small dog walks on the leash

The constant rhythm of the day

If you have a dog under your care, you know how quadrupeds like a predetermined daily rhythm. My dog ​​ knows precisely what time I wake up for work. We always go out for the first walk first, and after returning, he gets his favourite food in his DUO bowl from the Bowl&Bone Republic.

Every evening after a long walk, we spend some time just the two of us. We play or relax lying on the couch. When I did not have a dog, ensuring regularity in my life was complicated. I could get up early one day and sleep until noon the next. It was very taxing for my body, but also for my everyday well-being.

Living with a dog has taught me the consequences of my actions. I know I have to get up in the morning because my dog ​​is waiting for his breakfast and walk. There’s no such thing as a situation where I don’t want to. The dog cannot stay or give up food or a walk. That is the greatest motivation for me that I have ever experienced.

It’s worth having a dog

I will answer without hesitation if you ask me if it is worth having a dog. For me, dog friendship is a source of everyday happiness. Taking care of my four-legged friend was one of my best decisions.

And what do you value most about having a dog? Please write to me in the comments about what makes a dog your best friend.

If you have any questions or want me to discuss a topic in the next post, share it in the comments section.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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