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Why is my dog barking at me?

In most cases, dog growling has a negative connotation. However, what to think about the situation when the dog starts to bark at his guardian? Much depends on what exactly the dog’s intentions are. Not every growling of a dog means that it is aggressive now.

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Your dog may growl at you while playing, which is normal. The dog may bark at the owner while eating, communicating that he feels threatened and is afraid that the bowl will be removed.

My dog ​​growls at me

  • the dog may bark at you, i.e., its guardian, while playing together, and this is entirely normal
  • the dog may growl at you in an aggressive way when something is wrong with his health, e.g., he is in severe pain
  • your dog may bark during a meal in fear that you will want to take away his food bowl

Despite a perfect relationship with your dog, are there situations when your pet growls at you? There are several reasons for this behaviour in dogs. Growling is not always directly related to aggression, which, unfortunately, is a very often reproduced myth.

By growling, the dog wants to express its attitude in each situation he finds himself in. For dogs, their guardian is essential. Therefore, if your pet starts growling at you, it is worth considering the reason for this behaviour.

So, if you’re asking yourself why my dog ​​growls at me, I’ve put together some essential tips for you on how to deal with this situation. Thanks to them, I hope you will get to know your dog better and what he wants to tell you.

Why is my dog ​​barking at me?

There can be many reasons why a dog growls. In this post, however, I would like to focus on why the dog growls at you, i.e., his guardian. His behaviour will result from something different than when the dog reacts in this way to other dogs or strangers.

The dog growls while eating

One of the most common situations in everyday life, during which a dog can growl at his owner, is mealtime. There is no denying that food is essential for your dog. It is the basis of his strength and health.

Therefore, during a meal, the dog is vigilant. If he does not feel confident in this situation, he may growl when someone gets too close to his bowl. Even if it’s his guardian, don’t take this behaviour personally. It does not mean that the dog is hostile towards you. It’s just that the moment of the meal is critical to him.

How can you try to solve this problem? First, think about why you are so close to your pet while it is eating. You don’t have to watch him while he eats unless there’s a compelling reason to do so.

Give your pet food and let him eat in peace. You would also feel uncomfortable if someone was too close to you during a meal and watched you all the time.

The situation is slightly different when, for health reasons, you need to be close to the canine during the meal to ensure that the pet does not eat too quickly, if he has a problem with it, or that he swallowed the medicine.

a dog eats from a white duo dog bowl

How to stop your dog from barking at you while eating

It would help if you convinced the dog that he need not fear you interfering with his meal. Your dog’s main fear while eating when he starts growling is that he thinks you want to take his bowl away.

So what should you do when your dog starts growling at you? First, you should not leave the dog then. The pet will perceive it because of their behaviour, and thus that it was right. The dog will think that his growling caused you to move away, so his guess was not wrong.

Therefore, when the dog starts growling while eating, stay still and, importantly, do not move. Only when the dog stops can you move away from him. He won’t then associate his growling with your moving away from him.

If you want to strengthen your pet’s sense that you don’t want to take his bowl under any circumstances, you need to show him that he can fully trust you. You can give him part of the meal from your hand so that he knows you will not have to take the food. On the contrary, you provide it to him yourself.

The dog growls while playing

Playing together is a significant time for the dog and his guardian. The dog can spend time actively, which is a prevalent form of entertainment for most pets. What’s more, playing together has a very positive effect on your bond with your pet. Your relationship becomes more substantial and more lasting.

However, does your pet sometimes start growling at you when playing together? If so, you’re probably wondering how to interpret your dog’s behaviour.

I think most of us have negative associations with dog growling. If the dog starts to make growling noises, it’s a sign that something is wrong. Some situations or person has caused the dog to feel anxious.

But does dog growling always have a negative connotation? Well, no. In some cases, a dog’s growling does not necessarily mean anger and aggression on the part of the dog. It is worth noting, however, that in such situations, the sound made by the dog sounds a bit different.

If the dog growls while playing, it is likely a sign of his contentment and joy. When the dog growls in a slightly different way, making higher sounds, and at the same time happily barks alternately, it is an encouragement to continue playing together.

The dog often growls while playing when you choose an activity based on wrestling or dragging. My dog ​​ likes jerking with a bullet from the Bowl&Bone Republic, made of a thick, decent rope.

While playing tug and wrestling with me, my dog ​​sometimes growls, which is normal. So, if you’re concerned about your dog barking while playing with you, I want to reassure you as much as possible.

The dog growls while playing with other dogs

However, if you notice that your dog starts growling while playing with another dog, this is a situation that requires your attention. Possibly it is a cheerful growl, as it is when playing with you. Then everything is excellent.

Something is wrong if your dog’s growling is loud, clear, and visibly tense. In this situation, a growl is a calming signal for the dog. Try to separate the dogs from defusing the stressful atmosphere before the tension between the dogs becomes serious.

Do you want to learn more about calming signals and how to read them correctly? If so, I refer you to my other post, which you can find HERE.

The dog growls at you in an aggressive manner

Unfortunately, there is also the possibility that your dog is aggressively growling at you. Please do not ignore this behaviour in your dog, as you cannot expect the problem to disappear.

Training with a behaviourist will be a good solution if your dog has constantly been growling since you took him under your care. A professional assessment can find the cause of your dog’s behaviour and teach you how to deal with it.

If your dog suddenly starts growling at you overnight, something is wrong. Think about what recently happened in your dog’s life that made him behave this way. Perhaps he was under a lot of stress or fear.

The dog may be in pain and doesn’t want anyone near it. In such a situation, your dog may aggressively growl at you. You will need to visit a veterinarian.

Why is my dog ​​barking at me?

There can be several reasons why your dog growls at you. Consider in what situation your dog behaves in such a way and what may drive him. That will help you take the appropriate steps to control it.

Does your dog growl at you? If so, describe a situation in which your dog behaved this way in the comment.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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