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Adult dog adoption – what should I pay attention to

Taking care of an adult dog, you must know that such a pet requires a different approach than a small puppy. When you decide to take a new four-legged family member into your home, you make a very important decision.
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Adoption of an adult dog

Since the adoption of the adult dog, you take over the responsibility for the happiness and health of a small living being. It is up to you to determine whether the pooch will feel good and confident in the circle of your loved ones.

Raising a puppy requires great patience and commitment. A young dog is curious about the world and wants to know everything and everyone. At the same time, the puppy is so absorbed of knowledge and new experiences that instilling in him basic values and applicable rules is not a difficult task.

The situation looks a bit different when an older dog comes under your care. During his life so far he has experienced many good and probably unpleasant situations. Such a dog certainly has developed basic behavioural reflexes in a given situation.

Nevertheless, adopting an adult dog is just as good idea as getting a puppy.

Why choose an adult dog?

The answer is simple. We feel that taking care of such a pooch is easier for us. For him also would be easier to adapt to the conditions and rules prevailing in our home. Of course, this is true, but it does not mean that raising an adult dog will be an insurmountable challenge. What’s more, getting a pet who has survived much in his life has a lot of advantages that you may not have even realized.

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An adult pooch doesn’t require learning the basic skills we teach puppies from scratch. Such a dog has already formed personality. He knows how to proceed to get the approval of his guardian, and what behaviour he should avoid.

A very important argument in favour of adopting an adult pooch is the fact that such a pet has a much lower chance of finding a home than a young dog. There is no denying that when deciding to take a dog, most of us consider puppies first and foremost. They seem to be easier to adapt to the rules prevailing in our family. Unfortunately, due to this often duplicated scheme, when choosing a four-legged friend, older dogs have a much smaller chance of finding a new home. Therefore, when deciding to adopt an adult dog, we give him asylum, which he has certainly been waiting for a long time.

An adult pooch who thanks to you will be able to leave the shelter and start living in a loving home, for your help will be extremely devoted and grateful to you. Seeing the joy and happiness in the eyes of an older dog who has survived many difficult situations is a wonderful, incomparable feeling.

The beginnings of an adult dog in a new home

At first, an older dog in your home will certainly feel a bit overwhelmed by the new situation. This does not mean that the dog is not happy about the new place or the new family. Fear of the unknown speaks through him. Your task is to show your dog that he will be loved and respected in his new home. The feeling of security and love from guardians is very important for an adopted dog. What’s more, it’s especially important for adult dogs.

Many doggies who spend long months or even years in a shelter lose confidence with people. They slowly get used to the idea that nobody will love them again with true, sincere love. When such a dog unexpectedly gets under the care of a family that wants the best for him, the dog may feel a bit confused.

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So, if we decide to adopt an adult pooch, first of all, we have to make the pet feel completely safe with us. During the initial phase of your acquaintance, you can show your doggy sympathy, but try not to violate his comfort zone.

Initially, your pet may not be eager to cuddle. Respect his fears and give him some time to get used to the new situation. The adopted dog needs a lot of love. I guarantee you that he will finally come and ask for a little tenderness on your part.

Changing the learned habits of an adult dog

Surely you are well aware of the fact that the adult pooch already has a significantly formed personality. What’s more, depending on where he grew up, he may have many habits.

Some may not be accepted by you. This is a challenge that you must face when taking care of an adult dog. First of all, you must remember that such a dog can easily be scared off. If you act too firmly and schematically your pet may feel overwhelmed by the new situation.

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So what should the appropriate approach to the adopted dog look like? First of all, don’t try to change all of his behaviours. Unfortunately, you must realize that you are not able to influence all the habits of your new pet. Proceed gradually. If you manage to unlearn the dog some unwanted behaviour, then focus on the next one. Don’t let the dog feel that he is constantly on training new skills and trying to change 100% of his personality when he appears in your home. Let him be himself. It would also be difficult for you to get rid of your habits that you have developed for years.

Love him with all your heart

The adult pooch has a shaped character. He knows what makes him happy and what makes him feel sad. Love him just the way he is, even if he doesn’t always behave as you would like. Adopting an adult dog is a great decision. You give home and love to a quadruped, which certainly has a complicated past. Give him and yourself time to know and accept each other.

I guarantee that it will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

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