dog sleeping bag

Dog sleeping bag – sooth moments of relaxation!

Each dog needs his own bed, which will become his oasis to relax and rest. If, in addition, your pet loves to bury under pillows or a blanket, we have a great solution for him! A sleeping bag for a dog is great alternative to a classic bedding. It wraps your quadruped wonderfully, warm him and promotes nice naps.

Bowl&Bone Republic is a European brand. As an icon among dog accessories perfectly understands the needs of each of our little friends are different. For this reason, we have prepared designer dog sleeping bags that will become his perfect hideout and favorite place to relax for your pet.

Sleeping bags dedicated for your dog from Bowl&Bone Republic

A sleeping bag for a dog is a great alternative to a traditional lair. Its soft structure gives dogs maximum comfort, and makes it easy to fold and carry. For this reason, you can always have a dog sleeping bag with you. You can easily take him on vacation or short trips out of town. In turn, your pooch will feel safe and comfortable, regardless of where he is. After all, own bedding and the opportunity to bury in it is a great pleasure for many dogs! Let it feel to your pet too! Your dog can use it, lazing on the sofa or in front of the fireplace, also catching the warm rays of the sun on the terrace or while traveling by car.

Dog sleeping bags from Bowl&Bone Republic are made only of high quality materials that are not only pleasant to the touch, but also durable. Their timeless colors and unique design make them a great element of furnishing any interior and wonderfully emphasize its character. The subdued colors of our dog sleeping bags with the delicate structure of the material create an incredibly tasteful combination. It guarantee comfort and bring blissful moments of relaxation.

At Bowl&Bone Republic, we always try to meet the dog’s needs and their expectations. Ee create dog accessories with passion that perfectly meet theirs needs. We hope that the sleeping bag for the dog, which you can buy in our online store, will become an inseparable companion of your joint escapades. If you have questions about sleeping bags for dogs or about other dog accessories available in the Bowl&Bone Republic offer, please contact us. We will gladly answer all your questions and help you choose the best layette for your pup!