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Introducing our dog to new dog family member

Everyday life with a dog | 21 February 2019
A lot of dog owners ask themselves the same question: is my buddy feeling lonely? These concerns often lead to a decision about bringing hom...
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Holiday with a dog

Dog care | 19 February 2019
When summer comes and the longed-for days off are already here, we all start to think about going for a dream holidays. It’s time to face ...
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Walking your dog – how to do it right?

Bez kategorii | 14 February 2019
Daily dog walking is what every responsible dog owner should do. It’s a very demanding job – we can not give up on it during unpleasant ...
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How to take care of our dog’s hair?

Dog care | 12 February 2019
Our dog’s coat is a layer that protects his skin, and a barrier that separates him from external threats. This is why taking care of dog...
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How to get your dog to sleep in his own bed?

Dog accessories selection | 9 February 2019
What shall we do when we realize that our bed has gained a new, furry bed companion? Sooner or later, every dog owner won’t be able to res...
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Dog home alone

Everyday life with a dog | 7 January 2019
Dogs, like humans, are highly social animals that feel safest and most comfortable among their household members. Home environment is where ...
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Dog with a past – how to give him warmth

Dog care | 25 December 2018
Adoption or taking in a homeless dog is a huge responsibility. Every pet with a rough past requires exceptional patience and commitment from...
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Dog’s approach to food – picky or over eater

Dog care | 22 December 2018
Dog owners often face many problems related to their pet’s eating habits. Unwillingness to eat or on the contrary, excessive dog appetite ...
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How to choose the right dog toys

Dog accessories selection | 15 December 2018
Having a toy is the right thing to do for every dog. Moreover, lack of accessories to play with can often have a bad impact on the health of...
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Dog bath doesn’t have to be a challenge

Dog care | 11 December 2018
A lot of dogs show great reluctance and even fear in relation to bathing. Attempting to put them in a bathtub often causes stress both for d...
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