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We know perfectly well that taking care of a four-legged friend is a real challenge! That's why we placed here the answers for many bothering questions about situations that the dog's guardians have to deal with. It does not matter whether they relate to the dog's health issues, pooch's daily care or the selection of the best accessories for your doggy. Every dog lover sometimes needs advice on an issue that troubles him, and we will try to help you with that!
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When the dog stops behaving like a puppy

Everyday life with a dog | 16 October 2023
Wondering how long your four-legged friend will behave like a puppy? That depends on several factors I would like to tell you about in this ...
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Why is my dog vomiting?

Dog health | 13 October 2023
Do you know what causes your four-legged friend to vomit? If not, I wanted to answer that question for you today. As it turns out, there can...
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Dog’s jealousy – how to deal with it

Interesting facts about dogs | 11 October 2023
Do you ever feel that your four-legged friend is jealous of you? That is a prevailing situation when a dog is close to his owner. However, d...
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How to train an older dog

Everyday life with a dog | 9 October 2023
You have an older dog under your care, and you wonder if training and training a quadruped at his age is a good idea. In this post, you will...
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Can a dog get bored?

Interesting facts about dogs | 4 October 2023
I don't think any of us like boredom. Momentary idleness and relaxation are very pleasant. However, it becomes annoying when it lasts far to...
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Why is my dog howling

Everyday life with a dog | 2 October 2023
Do your four-legged friend howl, and you don't know why? If so, I have prepared some tips for you regarding this. What could be causing this...
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What to do if your dog breaks a tooth

Dog health | 29 September 2023
Is your dog's broken tooth a big problem? Much depends on the situation. In some cases, the remnant of a damaged tooth needs to be extracted...
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How to give your dog medicine the easy way

Dog health | 27 September 2023
Not always do dogs willingly and without protest accept the medicine given to them. Sometimes it is a challenging task for a dog guardian. T...
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Activities with the dog in autumn

Everyday life with a dog | 25 September 2023
Autumn is coming, and you don't know how to spend time actively with your four-legged friend outside? This article suggests my proven ways t...
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Why is my dog eating grass?

Dog health | 22 September 2023
While walking in the park with your dog, you suddenly notice that he starts eating grass. I think that every dog guardian knows these situat...
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