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"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"

J. Billings

The Bowl&Bone Republic brand was created out of true love and passion for pups. We put all of our hearts into everything we do, tending to every detail with remorseless precision. We create products that are elegant and stylish, satisfying the tastes of the most demanding clients. We are constantly striving to create solutions to make your pets' lives easier. Bowl&Bone Republic is an entirely European brand, which over the years has created a unique style that enjoys a superb reputation. All of our accessories are designed by the owner and co-founder, Dawid Rożniak, in collaboration with talented experts using only the best materials. Our philosophy is simple – every pup deserves a healthy, comfortable, and happy life, and every dog owner deserves the opportunity to provide them with the very best. We want to share that joy with you every day.

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