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Delivery time

The time of order fulfilment depends on the availability of goods in our warehouse. We ship orders within 72 hours, however, we manage to ship the vast majority of orders within 24 hours from the moment the payment is credited on our account. If it happens that the ordered accessories are not available at the moment, we will inform you immediately and provide the approximate waiting time.

All parcels are sent by courier service. On special request, we can send a package by post service.

Unfortunately, there are cases when the transportation company does not fulfil its obligations properly due to various reasons, e.g. a breakdown of a delivery vehicle, a warehouse error, huge traffic jams, heavy weather conditions, accidents, oversights and human errors as well as the absence of the addressee at the address delivery.

Therefore, it is worth checking the delivery status on the transportation company’s website. You can get more information about the shipment by entering the tracking number obtained from us.