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Basket for dog toys

The DOUBLE blue dog toy basket will help you stay organized. When each of your pet's treasures has its own place in the house – you will never fall over his toys anymore. Each dog loves to collect toys – as we all know, they are all very important, because you never know which one he will be in the mood for at the moment!

Bring some joy to your pet’s life and give him the unique DOUBLE blue dog toy basket by Bowl&Bone Republic.


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The highest quality of workmanship

Each DOUBLE blue basket for dog toys by Bowl&Bone Republic was hand-made with a very thick, nice-to-the-touch cotton string. It can be formed and folded, so it adapts to the amount of stored toys and does not take up much space.

It will help to keep the order, and at the same time, it will always be available for your pet. Our basket for dog toys will let him play whenever he wants to. In addition, it will be a stylish complement to your house interior.

Bowl&Bone Republic is a European brand with a long tradition. Consequently, we design and create our unique accessories exclusively on the old continent. Above all Bowl&Bone Republic products are a guarantee of comfort even for the most demanding pooch.

A basket for dog toys –
keep the fun in one place!

Your dog will be able to keep all his favourite balls, teethers and plushies in one accessible place, without wasting time on checking every recess of the house. A spacious dog toy basket will be a flexible storage for all dog accessories.

Therefore it will facilitate the functional arrangement of his place in the house. Storing all items of your dog will be nice and easy. What’s more – your pet will be able to access them anytime.

Size chart
Special features
Product composition
Product care

diameter: 25 cm (≈ 9,8″)

height: 20 cm (≈ 7,9″)

The most important advantages of the dog toy basket from Bowl&Bone Republic:

  • made of high-quality, dog-friendly materials,
  • can be washed by hand or in a washing machine,
  • designed and manufactured in the European Union,
  • unique design appreciated by VOGUE, GLAMOR and KENSINGTON & CHELSEA MAGAZINE.

80% cotton, 20% PES

Take care of your dog’s toy basket

The DOUBLE blue basket for dog toys made of high-quality materials is very easy to keep clean. The precise finish of the product makes it very durable and uncommonly easy to clean.

The basket can be washed by hand or in a washing machine in a gentle cycle at a temperature of up to 30°C. After washing, remember to completely dry the basket, preferably in a flat condition. To maintain the highest quality please do not dry it in an automatic dryer, dry clean or use bleachers. If necessary iron on low.

In order to extend the use of our products, we kindly ask you to follow the detailed cleaning instructions provided on the product label.

Available colours
Other products

DOUBLE dog toy basket is also available in grey and navy colour versions.

WARNING! The owner decides if the toys stored in DOUBLE pink dog toy basket are suitable for his pet and is responsible for its use. You should check regularly the condition of each dog toy, as damage may result in swallowing or choking. To keep your dog safe, do not leave him unattended during the play.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at

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Keep all the treasures in one place

The DOUBLE blue basket for dog toys is the perfect choice when your pooch loves each of his toys, without exception, and his collection is constantly growing. The product will help you to keep order in the house.

What is more, your dog will have constant and easy access to all his treasures. The DOUBLE blue basket for dog toys will become a magic place, where he will always be able to find one of his favourite fluffy ‘’friends’’.

 cottom blue dog toy basket with toys

Why accessories from Bowl&Bone
Republic are unique

Your dog's comfort is the most important thing to us

design and details that will delight you

we use only the highest quality materials

100% production in the European Union

tailor-made accessories with the possibility of personalization

We will send the dog toy basket packed in ecological packaging, which is made of at least 70% recycled cardboard, to the place indicated in the order.

Take care of a better tomorrow with your pet and Bowl&Bone Republic





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