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Bowl&Bone Republic team thinks every day how to maximally allow dogs a comfortable rest. Following suggestions of pet’s owners, we have created opportunity for tailor-made DREAMY bed, which you can order in a dimensions dedicated especially to your dog.

Our dog sleeping bags are not only characterized by high quality, but also a sensational design that will satisfy the expectations of even the most demanding dog’s guardians and their pets.

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Perfectly tailored sleeping bag for your dog

When ordering DREAMY sleeping bag, tailored to your dog’s needs, you can be sure that you surround him with a touch of luxury. In our comfortable, soft bed, your dog will rest after a day well spent and fall into a good night’s sleep.

Regardless of whether your four-legged friend will use a sleeping bag at home or while traveling – he will rest in exceptionally comfortable conditions.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

One of the advantages of DREAMY bedding is its low weight. You can easily fold and take it with you while you travel and move to any place. Precisely chosen colors of sleeping bags make them timeless and look very extraordinary regardless of the decor of the room in which you place them.

Top quality rest in the DREAMY sleeping dog bag

The dog bed DREAMY was sewn from the highest quality materials. Thanks to the attention to detail and aesthetics, this dog bed will become an integral element of the interior. Even if your canine needs a sleeping bag in a rather non-standard dimension, we will be able to create a bed for him that will delight you with its quality and appearance, and your dog with comfort.

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Fabrics from which DREAMY’s bed was made are prepared even for the most active dogs.

The inside of the bed is made of pleasant to the touch fabric which will make the dog rest in comfortable conditions – regardless of his age and fatigue. Sleeping bag is a great idea as a bedding for both a puppy and a slightly older dog.

DREAMY bedding’s highest quality and ease of cleaning

DREAMY sleeping bag is easy to clean. You will remove any dirt from it by washing it by hand as well as in a washing machine in a delicate program, in no more than 30 ° C. Bedding should not be chlorinated, chemically cleaned or treated with bleach. Before re-use, dry the bed in a flat spread position.

To maximize the time of use of your dog’s sleeping bag follow the washing instructions posted on the label attached to the product.

Made to measure sleeping dog bag created specially for your dog

In order to place an order for made to measure DREAMY sleeping bag, please contact us at the following e-mail address:

In your e-mail please specify the preferred dimension of the dog sleeping bag and indicate the selected color.

The Bowl&Bone Republic team will proceed with your order immediately and after about 7 working days your dog will be able to fall asleep in perfectly fitted custom made bed.


Order made to measure product