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At Bowl&Bone Republic, we understand dog needs perfectly well. Therefore, for our most demanding customers in addition to ready-made products, we offer the opportunity to create a unique bed, especially for their pet.

We also know how important are the aesthetic values of accessories for dogs. Made to measure LOFT dog bedding delight not only with the comfort of the pooch, but also with its fashionable design that meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

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Incredible comfort of custom-made dog bed

Dogs, like humans, have different needs. It happens that available dog accessories do not fully satisfy their preferences. Our task in Bowl&Bone Republic is to create bed, which will allow your dog to comfortably rest after an active day full of activities, as well as fall into a peaceful sleep.

We also make every effort to ensure that the aesthetic values of our beds satisfy the true connoisseurs of designer items.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

Thanks to the trendy design, LOFT beds perfectly fit into the decor of any room, regardless of the style in which it is decorated. The finish with attention to every detail brings to mind elegant interior accessories. Thanks to the use of the highest quality materials, your dog rests in a custom-made and durable bedding tailored especially to his needs.

Attention to every detail

The Bowl&Bone Republic brand is characterized by attention to details that delight the dog owners. Dogs appreciate the comfort that our lairs provide for them. No doggy dimensions are a problem for us – even the most unusual ones!

Tailor-made LOFT bedding is a guarantee of comfort for even the most demanding pets!

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LOFT dog beds are exceptionally resistant to deformations, and at the same time they are very durable and comfortable. They perfectly adapt to the shapes of dogs, allowing them to rest comfortably.

What is important, the inserts of LOFT beds are made of hypoallergenic materials, thanks to which even dogs suffering from allergies can use them without worrying about health and comfort of rest.

Unprecedented durability and ease of cleaning of tailored LOFT dog beds

Among the many advantages of our beds it is worth emphasizing the ease of cleaning.

The LOFT dog bed can be washed by hand or in a washing machine in a delicate program at a maximum of 30 ° C. Thanks to the zip fastenings sewn into the cover, you can easily separate the cover from the filling to thoroughly clean both parts.

When cleaning a made-to-measure LOFT bed, remember not to treat our beds with bleach and do not clean them chemically. Before re-use, it is necessary to dry the bed carefully, preferably in a flat position.

If you want to maximize the dog bed usage, follow the washing instructions, which you will find on the label attached to the product.

Order of a made to measure LOFT dog bed

To order a custom made LOFT bed, please contact us via

At the provided address, please send us the exact dimensions of the bedding and any additional information that will help us to prepare the perfect bed for your pooch. We will contact you immediately to clarify the guidelines and provide details of the order.

The approximate preparation time for an individual order is about 7 business days.


Order made to measure product