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made to measure

With care for our clients and their pets, we create unique dog beds with a sophisticated, eye-catching design. Undoubtedly, SCOTT tailor-made bedding belongs to a such  group, which delights with its design even the most demanding lovers of original dog accessories.

Bowl&Bone Republic, by creating custom-made dog beds, aims to meet the needs of dogs, whose requirements go far beyond the standard available products. We know perfectly well that each dog is different, but everyone equally deserves a comfortable rest.

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Dog bed tailored to the needs of your pet

Our task is to meet the requirements of dog guardians, but above all, their dogs who deserve a best possible rest. We make every effort to ensure that your dog, regardless of its size, can rest comfortably after an intense and filled with great activities day.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

It is worth noting that our bedding are characterized also by a timeless look. It allows them to be integrated into the arrangement of almost any well designed room, regardless of the style in which it was decorated. Elegant Scottish plaid representing the theme of design tailor-made SCOTT liar is a timeless product which will be admired regardless of trends.

Exceptional comfort for a demanding pooch

Each of our liars has been sewn from the highest quality fabrics. The filling of SCOTT beds has hypoallergenic features and together with the cover is a set that will be great for your dog for a long time.

That is why the tailored SCOTT dog bed from Bowl&Bone Republic is appreciated by dog guardians for dogs of all ages, regardless of their breed or individual preferences.

SCOTT bed perfectly adapts to the shape of a pet body, thanks to which it can comfortably rest in a lair and fall into deep sleep after an eventful day. More importantly, our beds hardly get deformed. You can be confident that thanks to our product your dog will feel an undisturbed rest.

Ease of cleaning and excellent quality of SCOTT bedding

Attractive design and great durability are not the only advantages of our lairs. The ease of cleaning them is also worth mentioning.

Each part of our lair can be easily separated from each other thanks to the comfortable locks. Due to this feature, if you need, you can wash them – together or separately, manually or in a washing machine in a delicate program, at a maximum temperature of 30 °C. Remember not to treat the bed with bleacher and do not  clean it chemically. Dry the bedding thoroughly before re-use, preferably in a flat position.

If you would like to maximize the use of our product, follow the washing instructions, which you will find on the label attached to the bedding.

A tailor-made bed for your dog

To order a SCOTT made to measure dog bed, please contact via  e-mail:

Please send the preferred dimensions of your dog and the color version that you are interested in.

The approximate proceeding time for an individual order is about 7 working days.


Order made to measure product