dog blanket ROYAL

The dog blanket ROYAL by Bowl&Bone Republic is an essential purchase for every owner who wants to make each day of his pet special. Would you like to protect your pooch from the cold or wind wherever you are? Give him a soft, elegant, stylish and at the same time functional blanket, made of the high quality fleece, finished with a spectacular trimming.

The colour and texture that you choose, can perfectly match your pet’s character. The unique dog blanket guarantee moments of blissful laziness.


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Cover your pet with a soft red dog blanket

If you want to bring a bit of joy to your pet’s life, give him a ROYAL dog blanket that will provide him not only with warmth, but also a sense of security. The product is made of the high quality fleece – that’s why it is extremely soft to the touch. Two layers of quilted fabric make the blanket thick and fluffy.

What’s more it’s double-sided – you can choose the colourway you like, depending on the moment. The elegant style of our dog blanket is complemented by spectacular trim. The blanket will guarantee a great relaxation and a deep sleep during your dog’s nap.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

Red dog blanket – everyday comfort and functionality

Bowl&Bone Republic is a European brand with a long-standing tradition. We design and create our unique accessories exclusively on the old continent. Bowl&Bone Republic products are a guarantee of comfort even for the most demanding dogs. A pet wrapped in the ROYAL dog blanket will feel extremely safe and comfortable. His extraordinary softness can steal the heart of every pooch. Make your pet feel blissfully comfortable. The dog blanket by Bowl&Bone Republic will definitely become one of his most favorite gadgets and other four-pawed friends will get joyous of his wagging tail! Every owner loves when his pet is full of carelessness and cheerfulness. Your pooch will love his new dog blanket.

A wonderful nap in a soft and warm blanket

You can discover the wonderful softness of the Bowl&Bone Republic dog blanket together. Let your pooch enjoy the unique warmth that envelops him in the cold evening. It will give him a sense of security at home, during a long journey or a trip to the unknown. Get to know the functionality of this elegant dog blanket, that dries quickly and does not retain moisture. It’s a perfect to put it on the sofa and have a nap, when the weather behind the window leaves much to be desired.

Dimensions of dog blanket ROYAL
in red and navy colours

70cm x 90cm


Take care of your dog’s blanket

We design ROYAL dog blanket with the highest quality materials. A very important advantage of this stylish dog blanket is the ease of cleaning.

If you want your dog to enjoy his soft blanket for a long time, stick to the rules of its proper cleaning. Otherwise, the fabric may lose its original properties. ROYAL blanket is washable by hand or in an automatic washing machine in a gentle cycle at a temperature up to 30°C. After washing, remember to completely dry it, preferably in a flat condition. To maintain the highest quality please do not dry it in an automatic dryer, dry clean or use bleachers. If necessary iron on low.

In order to extend the use of our products, we kindly ask you to follow the detailed cleaning instructions provided on the product label.

If you are looking for a more modern and minimalistic rather than classic design, please check the ZEN blanket.

Perhaps You also think the blanket is wonderful, but this size is definitely too big for your pooch? Or maybe you would wrap the blanket in the standard dimension only around the tail of your pet. Contact us and we will create a blanket especially for your dog. To order a tailor made blanket we invite you to contact us at the email address The approximate time of completing an individual order is about 10 working days.

In case of any doubts we will be happy to answer any question.