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JOY ecru

Are you looking for accessories for your pooch that will give him full thermal comfort and convenience during colder days? Be sure to get to know the chimneys of the JOY series closer.

Made of soft and pleasant to the touch wool, they are an ideal barrier against cold and wind. They embrace the quadrupeds’ neck like a turtleneck scarf while giving them elegance and unique charm. You can be sure that your pooch wearing a JOY ecru chimney scarf will be happy to go out for walks even when the weather outside is not encouraging.


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Designer and elegant accessories for dogs
– dog chimney scarfs JOY

Bowl&Bone Republic as a European brand with a long tradition always strives to meet the needs of dogs. Our designers constantly analyze fashion trends and carefully listen to the opinions of pet owners.

Dog chimney scarfs JOY were created out of love for dogs and concern for their health and comfort. They protect dogs from the cold and wind while emphasizing their temperament.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

JOY chimney scarves are available in five fashionable colours and three sizes. They fit perfectly on small and medium breed dogs. Chihuahuas, shih tzu, Maltese, yorkie, beagle, dachshunds, schnauzers, cocker spaniels and many other four-legged representatives will certainly love the Bowl&Bone Republic chimneys for their delicacy and warmth.

In combination with ASPEN series dog sweaters or YETI dog harness, they will make even the coolest and windy days more pleasant. The fashionable design and elegant cream shade of the JOY chimney will add your pet an elegant and unique charm.

JOY dog chimney scarf in ecru – give your pet comfort during cold days!

Wind and frost – they are not allies of outdoor activities. Unfortunately, even on these days, the dogs must go outside. With their health and comfort in mind, the designers of Bowl&Bone Republic have prepared a scarf in the turtleneck form of a comfortable JOY chimney in a beautiful cream shade that perfectly envelops the quadruped’s neck.

His cut adapted to the dog’s body means that the chimney does not fall even during running and playing. In turn, the soft and pleasant to the touch material does not cause irritation, which makes the dogs very happy to use JOY chimneys on cool days.

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The design of JOY dog chimney scarf and beautiful cream colour will certainly appeal to lovers of minimalist style. It looks great with MONACO dog collars as well. Thanks to the classic form of finish and the discreet emblem of the Bowl&Bone Republic scarf looks very elegant.

High-quality materials used to make JOY cream chimneys are a guarantee of long use and satisfaction – for both – pooches and their guardians.

Dimensions of dog chimney scarf JOY
in ecru colour

XS size- circumference 32 cm (≈12,60″), height 6,5 cm (≈2,56″)

S size – circumference 38 cm (≈14,96″), height 7,5 cm (≈2,95″)

M size – circumference 44 cm (≈17,32″), height 8,5 cm (≈3,35″)

Dog chimney scarf JOY cream – warmth and comfort during cool walk!

Each of the Bowl&Bone Republic products is made with attention to the smallest detail. Thanks to this, dog carers gain confidence that their pets are surrounded by a touch of luxury every day. Comfort, convenience and safety of pooches are equally important to us.

We know perfectly well that outdoor activities and carefree fun make pets happy. For this reason, we have made sure that our products are easy to keep clean.

The JOY ecru chimney can be washed in the washing machine, in delicate mode or by hand. Just remember that the water temperature should not exceed 30 ° C. JOY scarves should not be chlorinated, dry cleaned or bleached. After washing, they must be dried thoroughly, preferably in a flat position.

Additional information on cleaning dog chimneys can also be found on the product label.

How to correctly determine the size of the JOY chimney for your pet?

JOY chimneys in cream shade are available in three sizes. They are perfect for dogs of small and medium breeds such as chihuahua, Maltese, York, shih tzu, schnauzer, beagle, dachshund or cocker and springer spaniel.

To give your pet maximum comfort, please carefully measure his neck before buying. Thanks to this, the JOY chimney will cuddle the pooch thoroughly and ensure maximum thermal comfort.

How to make a measurement? The centimetre should be routed at the widest point of the dog neck, remembering to leave a small reserve. The result obtained should be referred to the dimensions contained in the table. In case of doubt about whether to choose a JOY chimney size XS, S or M, please contact us at

Did you know that JOY chimneys are also available in other colours? Be sure to check – pink, red, mustard and blue colour as well.