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MONACO claret

Is your pooch, when you say “walk”,  happily wagging tail? Probably yes. After all, outdoor activities and the opportunity to discover new nooks is a great pleasure for your pets! At Bowl&Bone Republic, we perfectly understand how important these moments are for your pet. For this occasion, we have prepared elegant dog collars that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding quadrupeds and their guardians.

The MONACO dog collar in a claret colour deserves special attention. Made of natural Italian leather, with attention to even the smallest detail, it will surely give your dog unmatched comfort. We have combined quality with care and minimalist, timeless design. By choosing a MONACO collar in the shade of red colour, you can be sure that your dog will be incredibly happy with it.


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dog collar MONACO claret
designed for pooch comfort

Everyday dog needs inspired us to create the dog collar MONACO claret. After all, this element of the dog’s layette is extremely important in everyday functioning. Comfortable, non-binding movements MONACO collars are a choice for caregivers aware of the dog’s needs.

Their top layer was made of natural Italian leather, and from below we choose pleasant to the touch Alcantara. High-quality additions complete the project. Such a set guarantees comfort and long use.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

These are not all the advantages of MONACO claret dog collar. To provide additional security for your pet, a special pendant is attached to the collar, on which you can engrave your contact details in case of the quadruped moves away. This is a very important issue that can save a dog’s life in an emergency. We placed this pendant on a specially designed belt loop that can be moved around the collar and placed in the most convenient place for the pooch.

For the comfort of pets, next to the buckle fastening the MONACO claret, we have placed not one, but two belt loops. So you can be sure that even after fastening it to the last hole, the end of the collar will not stand out unsightly.

In our shop you will also find comfort dog harness.

Dog collar MONACO claret
inspired by a fashionable lifestyle

Bowl&Bone Republic as a European brand and a leading manufacturer of dog accessories always makes every effort to ensure that the offered products meet the needs of dogs and their guardians. Collars for dogs MONACO claret are a wonderful reflection of our beliefs and passions.

The long tradition of the brand obliges to use only very thoughtful solutions guaranteeing the safety of dogs and the satisfaction of their guardians with high quality and elegant design of the proposed accessories.

In the MONACO claret model, we have combined quality, derived from a combination of natural leather and Alcantara, as well as solid fittings, with a timeless design. Thanks to this, collars for dogs MONACO will be fashionable regardless of the prevailing trends. Their classic form attracts attention and impresses with its uniqueness.

Certainly, representatives of such breeds as French Bulldog, Cavalier, Jack Russell Terrier, Schnauzer, Cocker and Springer Spaniels or Dalmatian will be delighted with the comfort of using the MONACO collar. After the frolics in the fresh air, take care of your dogs’ comfortable rest. Our dog beds are ideal for this role.

Dimensions of dog collar MONACO
in claret colour

M size – 34 – 40 cm (≈13,4″ – 15,7″)

L size – 40 – 46 cm (≈15,7″ – 18,1″)

The MONACO collar in shades of red will serve your pet for years

Designed and comfortable to use MONACO dog collars are products for years. Made of high-quality natural leather combined with Alcantara, they are distinguished by their durability and easy cleaning. You will keep their original qualities for longer if you properly care for your pet’s collar.

Please remember not to allow it to become heavily soiled or expose it to prolonged sunlight. MONACO collars are also not intended for contact with other hot surfaces, such as a radiator or excessive contact with water.

If you think your dog’s collar needs cleaning, remove any dirt with a damp cloth. After drying at room temperature, it is also worth applying a small amount of cream or paste intended for natural leather care. It is important that the preservatives match the colour of the collar’s skin.

If the claret dog collar MONACO is permanently soiled, cleaning should be entrusted to professionals. Laundries specializing in cleaning natural leather will certainly undertake such a task. Self-removal of permanent stains and dirt is associated with the possibility of damage to the collar structure.

To extend the use of our products, please use the detailed cleaning instructions also on the product label.

In order to choose the right size of the collar, perfect for your pet, please take measurements before ordering. Measure your dog’s neck circumference at its widest point and leave a light reserve. Thanks to this, you will be sure that the collar will not cause your dog discomfort and at the same time, it will stick so well that your pet will not lose it.

We also encourage you to see the dog collar in other colours: MONACO dark chocolate and MONACO mustard light brown. In turn, for dogs of smaller breeds, we also recommend our designer dog harnesses.

If you have questions about our products or the choice of individual components of the dog layette, please contact us at the following email address:

Our consultants are always happy to give you tips.