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Each dog with time acquires some preferences as to his favorite way of resting. Our goal at Bowl&Bone Republic is to satisfy even the most sophisticated needs of quadrupeds as well as their guardians. For this reason, we have enabled our customers with the possibility to order made to measure dog accessories.

Dog cushion from the LOFT series has been created for canine of all ages who need a comfortable place to regenerate after a day full of well spent time with his guardian. The aesthetics of the bedding is undoubtedly unique, which makes the LOFT cushion a perfect complement to the rooms of every house inhabited by a pooch.

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Tailored LOFT dog cushion for your pet

Regardless of how much space your pet needs, we sew a cushion tailored to its dimensions. Thanks to this, he will be able to rest in exceptionally comfortable conditions. After all, after a walk and fun outdoors, every dog needs a bit of relaxation. A safe and incredibly comfortable bed will give him a good night’s sleep and help him regenerate his strength.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

What is important, each LOFT cushion is also characterized by its timeless design. Thanks to the minimalist and elegant form, the products offered by the Bowl&Bone Republic brand will always be fashionable, regardless of current trends.

Thanks to high-quality materials used for this dog pillow, you can be sure that your pet will be surrounded by a touch of luxury.

LOFT dog cushion for the most demanding quadrupeds

Dog cushions made to measure by the designers of the Bowl&Bone Republic brand meet great appreciation of both dogs themselves and their caregivers. Even for dogs with very sophisticated needs, we can create a  very comfortable place to rest.

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Our LOFT cushions are extraordinarily resistant to deformation and at the same time do not lose their softness. They fit in very well with the body shapes of a pet. You do not have to worry about the health of your pet if it  has an allergy – LOFT cushion filling is made of hypoallergenic down, which does not cause any  allergic reaction.

Easy to clean LOFT dog cushion

Custom made LOFT cushion for your doggy not only have a timeless design and excellent quality, but also it is characterized by ease of cleaning.

The fabric of the pillowcase, as well as its filling, you can wash in hand or in a washing machine in a delicate program, at a temperature of not more than 30 °C. Just remember not to treat the pillow with bleach, do not chlorinate and do not clean chemically. After washing, it is best to dry the LOFT cushion in a flat position.

To maximize lifetime of Bowl & Bone Republic products  , follow the maintenance instructions found on the product  tag.

Made to measure pillow prepared especially for your dog

If you would like to order a custom made LOFT cushion, in a size other than those available in the Bowl&Bone Republic store, please send us the details of the order by e-mail to:

n your e-mail, let  us know what is preferred size and color of tailored cushion bed for your dog.

The approximate delivery time for an individual order is about 7 working days.


Order made to measure product