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Are you planning winter outdoor activities with your dog? Going on vacation is ahead of you? You may know that your pet reacts badly to the first frost. If you are looking for a solution that will protect your pet from low temperatures and look great, get to know the advantages of the SNOWFLAKE sweater in the Bowl&Bone Republic offer.

Soft and comfortable, thanks to natural materials, it will provide the dog with warmth and, at the same time, complete comfort during walks. The garment is of high-quality lamb wool, a cream colour that will appeal to every admirer of the original design. The SNOWFLAKE dog sweater also has a motif of golden, eye-catching stars.


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A solution for every quadruped
– the SNOWFLAKE dog sweater

The SNOWFLAKE dog sweater is a piece of clothing that should be in the wardrobe of every four-legged cold person. Breeds with shorter hair, young dogs and the elderly are susceptible to low temperatures. In the case of a harsh winter, however, such a sweater will be helpful for almost every pet. Protection against frost is provided by the French wool from which it is made.

We designed the dog sweater to protect the body and the sensitive throats of four-legged friends. The turtleneck and the whole outfit are decorated with golden stars that perfectly match the cream colour of the wool. If you prefer darker colours, you can also find this model of a pet sweater in a charming navy-blue version with silver stars.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

Your pet’s comfort and warmth thanks to the SNOWFLAKE sweater

The combination of a distinctive design and the comfort of a pet are the features that distinguish Bowl&Bone Republic products. It is a European brand whose activities focus on creating the highest quality products for animals. The SNOWFLAKE sweater is no exception. Pleasant to the touch, thanks to lamb’s wool, it primarily protects against the cold, but at the same time – it is simply comfortable for the dog.

We designed the cut of the sweater so as not to restrict the pet’s movements. Despite the turtleneck you have, you can quickly put the sweater on the back of your favourite. The right cut will allow you to move freely while walking, and a specially prepared hole at the top of the sweater will enable you to attach the leash to the collar or harness easily.

A dog sweater is not only a gadget that will make your dog look fabulous. It is primarily a guarantee of its adequate protection against weather conditions. You can be sure that the cold, frost, and wind will no longer bother your dog.

Sizes of dog sweater SNOWFLAKE
in cream colour

How to wash the SNOWFLAKE wool dog sweater?

Knowing pets’ needs, Bowl&Bone Republic designers ensure that our products are easy to maintain. Thanks to this, your dog can enjoy a great look and protection against the cold for a longer time. Although wool does not retain odours, it will undoubtedly come in handy occasionally to remove dirt.

For this reason, you can wash the cream SNOWFLAKE sweater with golden stars at home. As with any wool product, hand washing is a good option, although you can also choose to refresh in the washing machine on a gentle or wool cycle. Remember that the maximum water temperature should be 30°C. Use mild detergents to wash the sweater – avoid chlorine and bleaches that can damage the material’s structure and negatively affect the effective cream colour and shine of the stars. In addition, we recommend that the sweater be dried flat.

XS size usually fits such breeds as:

Maltese, York, Chihuahua and similar

S size usually fits such breeds as:

Maltese, York, Pinscher miniature, Pomeranian, Chinese Crested, Bolognese and similar

M size usually fits such breeds as:

Pug, Poodle, Pekingese and similar

L size usually fits such breeds as:

French Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Beagle and similar

Choose the right size of the SNOWFLAKE sweater for your dog.

When buying a sweater for your dog, choose the correct size. We also use the popular XS, S, M and L in the animal world. That is why the Bowl&Bone Republic sweater smaller dogs such as Maltese, Yorkies, Chihuahuas, and French Bulldogs, but also medium-sized dogs such as Whippets, Schnauzers or larger Spaniels, Golden retrievers, and Wolfhounds can wear them. However, before you place an order, check some critical dimensions.

Measure your dog’s circumference – the one under the neck and at the chest. The level will be significant in the case of a turtleneck sweater. Also, remember to check the length of the back. Remember to leave a slight margin when measuring. That will allow you to choose a size that will be more comfortable for your pet.

Premium dog clothes and accessories – check the Bowl&Bone Republic offer

The SNOWFLAKE dog sweater in a cream colour with stars can be worn as an independent garment and combined with raincoats or jackets. In the Bowl&Bone Republic offer, you will find many solutions that your dog will surely like.

The dog jackets, cute coats, leather collars and harnesses are just a part of the assortment of premium dog accessories from the Bowl&Bone Republic. Also, check out dog blankets, beds and orthopedic mattresses dedicated to dogs requiring special care. Your pet will also be grateful to you when you visit the toys tab, for which it will thank you with a joyful wagging tail!


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