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Regardless of whether your pet is an inquisitive puppy or a senior dog, a dog toy will bring him extraordinary pleasure. Playing with the owner supports dog’s physical and emotional development. What’s more, it is a great form of spending quality time with your pooch. It will make you feel relaxed, and at the same time help building a stronger friendship bond between you two. With the new dog toy by Bowl&Bone Republic your doggy will forget about monotony and boredom.



Quality time with your dog

A dog toy will be a great surprise for your pooch, even if his sweet, puppy times are long gone. Remember that playing with your dog is extremely important. It strengthens your friendship bond with the pet and supports its physical condition development. Bowl&Bone Republic is a European brand with a long-standing tradition. We design and create our unique accessories exclusively on the old continent. Bowl&Bone Republic products are a guarantee of comfort even for the most demanding dogs.

Physical activity through play

Dog toys by Bowl&Bone Republic are not only fun, but also encourage active play that our dogs love so much. A proper dog toy will become favorite gadget of your pet immediately. It can stimulate his imagination, help to fight the boredom, and what’s more – be a great exercise for his alertness and agility. It is a crucial element of every activity outdoors and at home. Dog toy made by Bowl&Bone Republic is a guarantee of long-lasting crazy fun.

The top shelf dog toy

A soft dog toy ROY will bring your pet a long-lasting joy. Your dog won’t leave ‘’his new best friend’’ even for a while. The toy is made of the high quality fabric – in intense colors and with an intriguing texture. It will attract your dog’s attention for long hours. To make your pet even more involved in the play, our dog toy has a foil insert, which makes interesting sounds that stimulate your dog’s senses. From now on each play will become a unique experience.

Take care of your dog’s toys

This dog toy can be wash in hand or clean in a washing machine at temperature up to 30 degrees. It should not be chlorinated or bleached. We do not recommend dry cleaning or an automatic drying.


In Bowl&Bone Republic collection of dog toys is also available BAX, REX, FELIX, DEX, TOFFI, DUCKIE and DUMBO.


Toy size: 33 cm / 13 cm


WARNING! The owner decides if the toy is suitable for his pet and is responsible for its use. You should check regularly condition of the dog toy, as damage may result in swallowing or choking. To keep your dog safe, do not leave him unattended during the play.

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