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Your pooch loves playing together as much as you do. It’s good to constantly diversify your mutual games – then monotony will certainly not sneak into your activities. Give your four-legged friend toy UNICORN from Bowl&Bone Republic. It gives him many joyful moments and makes your doggy full of energy every day.

After all, playing at home and outdoors is a great attraction for dogs. You can get to know each other even better and strengthen your bonds. The unusual shape of the toy and the unique design will surely appeal to pooch and make the unicorn toy a great companion during everyday activity.


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A unique toy for your dog UNICORN

Dogs of all ages love to interact with their guardians. Maltese, Yorkie, Shih-Tzu, French Bulldogs, Cavaliers, Cocker and Springer Spaniels, Jack Russelle, Schnauzers and Dalmatians – representatives of all breeds are looking for opportunities for a play which gives them a sense of closeness. After all, having fun together is a unique time where you can get to know each other better and strengthen your friendship.

The colour of the UNICORN toy catches the attention of animals. Thanks to the interesting texture of the outer material, the lush mane, the original shape of the cute unicorn, the dog finds a friend in it for long hours, during which it will certainly test its strength more than once.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

At Bowl&Bone Republic, we always make every effort to ensure that our dog accessories meet the expectations of even the most demanding quadrupeds and their guardians. The durability and high quality of our products are combined with their extraordinary appearance.

Classic forms and the unique design of our wooden bowls, comfy beds and cushions, stylish dog clothes, comfortable harnesses and classy collars allow you to easily complete an exclusive dog layette.

Joyful time with your dog

Our toys are liked by both puppies and older dogs. Thanks to their attractive appearance and durability, they accompany dog indoor activities and in any other place where you want to go. Also, the UNICORN dog toy fits in perfectly with this canon. Its shape makes it easier for a dog to carry and catch it. The soft form does not cause problems when you need to travel or store it for a while.

We are sure that the UNICORN dog toy will also become your pet’s favourite cuddly toy. He will happily take it on various activities during the day and fall asleep blissfully cuddled to it in the evening.

Thanks to the high-quality materials that our designers have chosen to create the pooch’s toy, you can be sure that it will serve doggy for a long time. To stimulate the senses of your four-legged friend, we have also prepared a small surprise. Inside the toy, a foil is sewn in which, when touched or bitten, makes a soft rustling sound. It encourages dogs to be even more active and stimulate carefree play. If your dog loves fetching, then certainly that toy in the shape of a nice unicorn will steal his heart.

Dimensions of dog toy UNICORN

height about 22 cm (≈ 8,7″)

width about 13 cm (≈ 5,1″)

The UNICORN toy comes from the same series as the PONY and the PEGASUS toys - check them all out!

How to wash Bowl & Bone Republic pet toys

In addition to the functionality and unique design, our toys are also easy to clean.

You can easily clean the UNICORN by washing it by hand or in the washing machine. Please remember that during these treatments the water temperature should not exceed 30 ° C. The UNICORN dog toy will retain its original qualities for longer if you do not dry clean it and choose cleaning supplies that do not contain chlorine and bleach. We also recommend that you wash the toy together with fabrics of similar colours. Before you give your pooch a toy again after cleaning, dry it thoroughly – preferably in a flat position.

Also follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which you will find on the label attached to the product.

WARNING! Please remember that the guardian makes the final decision about whether the dog toy is suitable for his pet’s to play. Therefore, we recommend that you check the product status constantly before each play with the pooch. If you notice that any of the elements have been damaged by your dog, please take appropriate action. Make sure that your pet is under constant supervision while playing. Then you will keep him safe.

If you have any questions about our offer, please contact the Bowl&Bone Republic specialists at