dog treat bag MIDI graphite

Does your dog love playing outdoors and have a walk with you as often as possible? If so, then during your outdoor activities a dog pouch for treats and poop bags MIDI will be very useful. The designers of the European brand Bowl&Bone Republic have created it for your pooch and you – the guardian who values a unique and minimalist design.

The MIDI dog treat bag case for your pup goodies and poop bags holds the necessary gadgets during every walk in one place. In addition, has a very fashionable cut. Certainly, every fan of dog accessories will appreciate its functionality and handiness. And all of this in a tasteful shade of graphite – what more could you want?


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Dog treat pouch MIDI graphite
– important dog accessories in one place

Outdoor activities are a great pleasure for dogs and also an opportunity to explore new fragrances and places. Instinctively, they follow new paths with huge curiosity.

In such situations, handy MIDI dog sachet for treats and poop bags are useful for doggy’s guardian, which facilitate organization during mutual walks.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

The minimalist form and beautiful shade of dark grey will certainly interest dog owners who are not looking for boring accessories. Every pooch prepared for a walk will steal the eyes of passers-by.

Chihuahuas, Maltese, shih tzu, spaniels, yorkies, dalmatians and dachshunds – regardless of breed, every pooch will be happy to get a little treat during walk. In turn, the dog treat bag MIDI for dog goodies and poop bags will make easier for you to clean and clean after pooch.

The zippered sachet can be easily used with one hand, while the other can be kept on a leash.

Dog treat bag MIDI in graphite colour
– everything at hand!

At Bowl&Bone Republic, we always make every effort to ensure that our products impress with the quality and fashionable appearance. The dog pouch for treats and poop bags MIDI in graphite is made of solid materials that will guarantee its use for long time.

Their interior is coated with a waterproof layer that protects treats hidden inside the pouch from flooding during inclement weather, and also facilitates cleaning after treats.

We also took care of convenient systems for attaching the case to a belt or trouser’s pocket. The MIDI model has double catches, thanks to which it adheres perfectly and practically eliminates the risk of getting lost even during intense walks.

Importantly, we have placed an additional compartment inside the pouch for poop bags that can be pulled out through the side opening.

The dog treat bag MIDI graphite has already stolen the hearts of many dog owners. We hope that you will be happy with it as well!

Dimensions of the MIDI dog treat bag
in graphite colour

12,5 cm x 8 cm x 5,5 cm*

Dog treat pouch MIDI graphite fits standard rolls with waste bags in size 6 cm x 3 cm (≈ 2" x 1")

Designer dog treat bag MIDI graphite

Dog accessories such as dog treat bag are used almost on every walk. As a result, they can get dirty quite fast. Fortunately, the Bowl&Bone Republic designers made sure that all dirt – both delicate and stronger – can be removed easily.

The MIDI case for treats and poop bags can be washed by hand and in the washing machine. Just remember that the water temperature should not exceed 30 ° C. Gentle stains can be easily removed with a mild detergent cloth.

When washing, do not use chlorine-containing agents, bleach or do not subject the MIDI case to chemical cleaning. After washing, we recommend leaving the case to dry completely.

Additional information on cleaning methods for MIDI dog treat pouch in a grey shade can also be found on the product label.

Dog treat case MIDI graphite bags – the best companion during your mutual walks

Designed by Bowl&Bone Republic and manufactured in Europe, dog treat pouch MIDI is also available in other colours: red, black or blue.

Choose a colour that suits your pet’s temperament, as well as other dog accessories. Designer and minimalist products that are available in our store are perfect for every dog layette.

Remember that you can always contact us and ask for additional details. Our consultants are available at