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Dog with a past – how to give him warmth

Adoption or taking in a homeless dog is a huge responsibility. Every pet with a rough past requires exceptional patience and commitment from the new owner. Very often, we don’t even know the history of our new four-legged friend, we don’t know what he have gone through and whether fate was kind to him. In most cases, the dogs that come from a shelter experienced a lot of bad in their lives, were treated poorly or went hungry and cold. After all they’ve been through trusting another stranger might be a huge challenge.

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We take in the dog with a past, and what’s next?

Under no circumstances we should get discouraged. A puppy, to whom we will give a new, better life will be eternally grateful to us. He will become our best friend that will love us endlessly and unconditionally. One of the most beautiful feelings is to see happiness in the eyes of a dog that was unkindly treated by fate.

Love and a sense of security are essential

If we want to build a strong bond with our adopted pet, we must realize what his basic need are. One of the most important values is feeling safe and being loved. Our dog must feel that his happiness is not temporary. Perhaps in the past, he has already found a new home where he felt love and from which he was eventually thrown out.

Therefore, getting used to a new home and new owners often takes so long. Patience is the most important thing. If, despite our great efforts, the dog does not feel completely comfortable in the new environment, let’s not give up. Give your pet more time and watch his behaviour carefully.

A few important tips

  • try to read the signals

Dogs communicate, to a large extent, by various types of signals. It’s especially important to understand them correctly during the first moments spend together. This way, we will be able to read the emotions of a pet, which initially he won’t be willing to share with us.

  • provide him with a safe haven

At the beginning, your dog should have a designated place in the house, where he will be able to go to, in a moment of sudden anxiety or fear. A spot in the corner of a flat will work the best for a pet with a rough past. He will feel safe, but also he will be able to observe what’s happening around him. A perfect dog bed will allow him to bury himself in and cuddle inside. Dog bed from Bowl&Bone Republic collection will fulfil this role excellently. Such a designated place on the sidelines with a soft and comfortable lair will make even currently scared dog calm: instead of having a panic attack, he will go to his new hideout.

  • teach him the daily rhythm of your home

A dog that has gone through a lot would like to feel that his home is safe, but also stable. Determining the applicable rules will help stabilize his unbalanced emotions. Understanding what is good and what is bad will give him a sense of stability.

Under no circumstances can we allow a dog to misbehave, especially if there are other pets in our house. Our dog will be confused if he got away with something that other dogs got reprimanded for. The consequence of following the rules of the house will allow him to understand them.

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The main thing is not to give up

Dog with a past requires special care, especially at the very beginning. We must first and foremost be patient. Let’s give him time to get used to the new situation and understand that nothing more is threatening him. The key to success are mutual understanding and respect. A dog that has suffered a lot in life deserves love and happiness.

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