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How to protect your dog from ticks?

During the tick season, be especially careful of your four-legged friends. Ticks are extremely dangerous to your pet's health and sometimes even threaten his life!
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Dog protection against ticks

One of the threats lurking for your four-legged friend are ticks. They carry many diseases that can be very dangerous to the pooch and in some cases can even be fatal to him. That is why all preventive actions are so important. They will help to protect your pet against the threat of ticks.

There are several methods for fighting ticks. Thanks to this, you can adapt the mode of action the most appropriate for your pet. If one of the options turns out to be inappropriate and ineffective for your pet, be sure to go for another. Leaving pooch without any protection against ticks is a huge risk.

Why ticks are dangerous to dogs

What is the reason that tick protection is so important for dogs? First of all, you need to realize that ticks carry diseases, the symptoms of which can appear even after a few days. When the disease begins to covertly progress, unfortunately starting treatment only when we can see its effects becomes a difficult challenge. What’s more, the poison’s infection can develop even longer after the tick has been removed from a pet’s skin.

Tick checking the dog after returning from a walk

Regardless of the fact that you give the dog protection against ticks, after each walk, make sure that there are no uninvited guests on the pet’s body. How to do it? The size of the tick depends on how long it has been parasitizing on the dog. Therefore, you must pay attention not only to large ticks easy to locate but also to those really tiny, hard to see individuals. Remember that no method against ticks gives 100% protection.


In what parts of the dog’s body can we most often come across a tick? First of all, in humid and sheltered places. Therefore, first check the dog’s ears, tail, and bent paws. Ticks often hide under the dog’s collar.

Where ticks lurk for the dog

Unfortunately, despite the often reproduced myths, ticks are not only found in forests. They lurks almost everywhere. Special care should be taken when walking even in tall grasses. Ticks can even be found in urban parks.

In climate similar to European this type of parasite in general comes to life in early spring, in March and April. The duration of their activity depends primarily on the weather, they will be active until the temperature is not too low. Usually the tick season ends in October or November.

What to do when you finding a tick in dog’s fur

If you find a tick on your pooch’s body, you should remain calm above all. If your pet senses that you are nervous, he will definitely feel nervous as well and it will be much more difficult to perform the necessary activities.

Any tick found should be removed immediately from the pooch’s body. How can you do that? If you do not have experience in this kind of activities, then it is definitely better to visit the vet immediately. If you want to get rid of the tick yourself, you need tweezers or a specially created tool for it, which you will certainly find in your pharmacy. The tick shall be removed gently, not violently, by a twisting motion.

Make sure the tick has been completely removed from the pooch’s body. If you notice that a part has been torn off, you must go to the vet.

How to protect your dog from ticks

Effective protection against ticks should be, above all, regular. Remember that all the solutions listed below are only temporary and should be frequently renewed.

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Special collar against ticks

The collar is a very common form for fighting ticks. However, when choosing it,  pay attention to one important issue. Choose a model that not only is designed to scare off intruders themselves, but also kills ticks. To be sure that the collar will be fully effective, it’s best to consult it’s choice with a veterinarian.

The tick collar should be replaced every six months. Only then it’s most effective. This type of tick fighting is suitable for both puppies, adult pooches, and seniors.

Drops against ticks

Another method of protection against ticks are drops applied on the dog’s skin. It is necessary to condense the body of the pet, starting from the nape of the neck and head towards the tail. The drops are designed to go through the skin and thus create a protective layer from the inside in the fight against ticks. It is worth noting that, despite the fact that the drops are poisonous to ticks, they are completely safe for pets.

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Tablets for ticks

You can also fight against ticks by giving your pet tablets. They have a similar system of action as it is in the case of drops, i.e. they provide protection from inside. The active substance in the tablets kills ticks.

Regardless of which type of tick fight you choose, remember to watch the pooch’s skin after returning from a walk while these parasites are active. This will allow you to make sure your pet is safe.

Protection against ticks is super important!!!

If you find a tick in the dog’s body and remove it, observe the dog’s health. If you notice any deviations from the norm or disturbing behaviour of the dog, be sure to contact your veterinarian immediately.

Remember that such an important issue can never be underestimated!

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