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A mongrel is a cool dog

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Mongrel – what a doggy

Every pooch is equal and deserves love, regardless of whether he is purebred or not. Among the dog group in terms of number, mongrels dominate. These dogs require no less attention and appropriate approach than pedigree dogs. What’s more, due to such a large variety of mutts, we can’t clearly unify their needs, preferences or personification.

Nevertheless, both purebred dogs and mongrels are equally excellent and devoted friends, companions in everyday life at good and bad times.

For dogs, it doesn’t matter what pedigree his other four-legged friend has. What matters is the character and whether he is a good and nice pooch for other animals.

Mongrel history

The origin of this breed of dogs dates back to very distant times. The mongrels lived in the same historical moments as purebred pooches, in almost every place inhabited by other quadrupeds in the world.

It can be assumed that the history of mongrels goes back to ancient times. Already at the time, the resulting texts mentioned dogs that accompanied people in everyday life. It also means that it is a breed of dogs that can adapt to a variety of weather and climate conditions.

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Mongrel and its appearance

Although the term of mongrel is called one, a very large group of dogs, its members are quite different from each other. There is no single, top-down mongrel pattern. Dogs of this breed can differ from each other in almost every aspect of their external appearance. This applies to body build and weight as well as the size, colour of the coat or eyes.

What’s more, their diversity is also manifested in more detailed features of their appearance, such as the type and length of the coat, the position of the ears or the length of the tail. One mongrel can be completely unlike the other.

In that case, will we find any common feature in the appearance of all the mongrels? In general, yes. In most of these dogs, we can notice an uneven coat colour. The mongrel’s coat is usually multi-coloured, slightly spotted or tan. It is not a rule, however. Of course, we can find a mongrel with a single-coloured, smooth coat.

What is the character of the mongrel?

Due to the huge variety among this breed of dogs, it is not easy to clearly define the character traits of the mongrels. However, the personality and temperament of these dogs are absolutely unique. Much depends on how the dog is brought up and what rules prevail in the house where he is growing up. The conditions in which the animal lives have a direct impact on its character.

According to general belief, mongrels are classified as doggies with increased intelligence. What it comes from?

Certainly, the past of this breed of pooches had an impact on this. Once upon a time, aristocratic dogs with pedigrees were favoured and given special care. Mongrels largely had to cope on their own, they grew up in less affluent families, whose life was often not easy. As a result, these dogs have great fortitude, determination, and the ability to handle crises.

Mongrels are usually eager to learn new skills. They have no problem understanding new skills and understanding commands. Certainly, you will easily learn mongrel commands such as: sit, stay or to your feet.

We can observe that mongrels are sometimes also shy and distrustful of people. This happens in the case of pooches who have found themselves in a shelter in their lives. Unfortunately, the vast majority of dogs staying there are mongrels.

Trauma from the past can stay itself in the pooch’s psyche for life. Nevertheless, a loving, caring family is certainly able to restore the joy of life to such a pooch.

How to care for mongrels?

What care should the mongrels undergo? In most cases, the same as happens with pets with a pedigree. Of course, some breeds require specialized care. Nevertheless, taking care of proper mongrel hygiene is equally important. Dogs of this breed, of course, should be bathed and care for a healthy and beautiful appearance of their hair.

Depending on its specification, the frequency of combing or trimming should be determined individually for each dog. For this purpose, it is worth consulting with a dog hairdresser or asking a veterinarian for advice. With a mongrel in your care, remember that his ears and claws will also need attention.

Health issues with mongrels are addressed in a very wide way. It results from the fact of the already mentioned huge diversity occurring among the dogs of this breed. Therefore, discuss these issues with your veterinarian.

Best accessories for mongrels

Every dog, regardless of breed, loves naps in his comfortable dog bed. To provide the pooch with maximum comfort and convenience while sleeping, make sure that you give him the right bed. For especially demanding dogs who appreciate the quality of their sleep, we recommend, among others, grey dog bed URBAN from Bowl&Bone Republic. The bed is made of the highest quality materials that will give your mongrel the joy of every nap.

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All dogs love to play. Your mongrel will love one of the Bowl&Bone Republic dog toys with rustling foil filling. REX, BAX or DEX will make your pet forget what boredom and monotony are. Maybe you are looking for something that will work during your games together? If so, then you will certainly like BULLETS dog toy made of strong string.

Joint walks will be even more pleasant in a comfortable collar or well-cut dog harness. How do you find the right ones? We discussed a few important issues on this topic in the entry: Collars or dog harnesses – what to choose. By the way, I’m curious about your opinion. Feel free to leave a comment under the entry ????


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