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All about pomeranian breed

Pomeranian dog is the smallest dog in the family of Spitz, which is why it is often called a miniature Spitz. Pomeranian cannot be denied an extremely enchanting look. This is a dog next to which no dog lover will pass by indifferently. He's characteristic features are extremely lush and abundant coat, as well as not very large, pointed mouth. The cheerful eyes of this miniature Spitz encourage to have fun together.
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Pomeranian – a great dog breed

What kind of pooch is Pomeranian?

Pomeranian is a very sociable pooch. He does not like to spend time alone. Definitely, he values more time spent with his beloved guardian. Dogs of this breed are little rascals, they are full everywhere and do not always behave as we would expect. They have a lot of unused energy that they will gladly use during active play.

Pomeranian breed appearance

The miniature Spitz, as the name suggests, belongs to the group of small dogs. Its unquestionable characteristic is extremely lush coat. This is a huge distinguishing feature of Pomeranian, making it difficult to confuse them with other breeds dogs.

The body shape of these dogs is similar to a slightly oval square. The head of average pomeranian is medium in size, not fully adequate to the rest of the torso. You can say that the shape resembles a spitz because it narrows in the nose area.

Pomeranian eyes are fairly average size, proportional to the head, slightly oblique shape. Eye colour in miniature Spitz is always dark. Ears are small, located high on the head, quite close to each other.

For the sake of an abundance of pomeranian coat, at first glance, it is not easy to determine the dimensions of the pooch’s neck. However, it is rather medium, standard length and width.

The tail of miniature Spitz dogs is of medium length and points upwards. Adequately to the rest of the pooch’s body, the tail is equally fluffy and covered with a very thick coat.

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We can divide pomeranian coat into four main varieties: white, black, brown and orange. Dogs with a mixed coat colour are also allowed. Among them, we can distinguish between cream, black and tan dogs, as well as consisting of several colours, with the proviso that patches must be even and regular.

Even adult pomerans are still small. Their size is about 20 cm. In turn, the weight of this breed ranges up to 3 kilograms. So you can certainly say that they are quite small dogs.

Character traits of miniature Spitz dogs

It is a breed that is characterized by an extremely cheerful and positive personification. They are not pooches who will sit quietly in a corner and take care of themselves. They need a lot of interest from their guardians.

First of all, it should be mentioned that Pomeranian dogs are extremely temperamental pooches. Their confidence and resoluteness can surprise you a lot. They are not afraid of the world. What is more, they have a great need to learn everything new and previously unknown. However, it is worth noting that Pomeranian towards new people is initially quite distrustful and skeptical. To build a bond with him, the stranger must be fully accepted by pooch.

The relationship that connects Pomeranian with his guardian is very strong. Doggy is very attached to his master, whom he has great affection and respect. Time spent playing with the caregiver is his favorite form of entertainment. As a result, the miniature Spitz does not like to stay alone at home for a long time. He feels forgotten and overlooked. It is worth paying attention to that when choosing a dog of this breed. If you spend a significant part of the day away from home, Pomeranian may not be the right breed for you.

A special feature of the character of the miniature Spitz is the fact that among all the household members he chooses one that is the most important in his eyes. Such a person then becomes the main object of interest of the pooch.

Pomeranian health and care

There is no denying that pomeranian is quite demanding pooches when it comes to his care. The reason for this is certainly the abundance of dog coat. The way to avoid care difficulties is primarily regularity. Systematic brushing and combing of the coat, at least twice a week, will keep it healthy and radiant. Let us remember that it is the lush head of coat that is the flagship feature of every Pomeranian.

When deciding to take care of Pomeranian, it is worth getting acquainted with the diseases that often affect dogs of this breed. unfortunately for this breed often disease is patella dislocation may occur, which in some cases requires surgical intervention.

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Hypoglycaemia may be another condition for Pomeranians. This is a disease manifested by an extremely low content of sugar in the dog’s blood, which in turn negatively affects his nervous system.

The best dog accessories for Pomeranian

Any dog ​​guardian will probably agree that spoiling your pet is a wonderful feeling. The joy in the pooches’ eyes is priceless. Therefore, when choosing accessories for your Pomeranian, decide only on those that will fully meet his needs, as well as their quality and solidity leave no reservations.

What bedding will surely steal your Pomeranian’s heart? The LOFT dog cushion or bed from this Bowl&Bone Republic line will give him pleasant comfort during sleep, and will also perfectly fit into the space of your apartment. The product is available in three colours: coral, grey and graphite.

Walking together will be more enjoyable when you are sure that your dog feels good and comfortable. The DENIM dog harness, thanks to its well-thought-out cut and unique design, will look very good with the dog’s downy coat.

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On cooler days, the perfect complement to the miniature Spitz stylization would be the wool chimney for your pet JOY. It protects the pooch against low temperature and wind, and at the same time gives it charm and fashionable appearance.

A few words of summary about Pomeranian

To sum up, Pomeranian is a sociable, friendly pooch who cannot imagine life without closeness with his guardian. It is a very distinctive breed, which attracts not only its appearance but also a great temperament!

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