dog chimney scarf
JOY mustard

Dog clothes allow for outdoor activities in almost any weather. After all, walking with a guardian or the opportunity to discover new smells and meet other dogs is a great pleasure for your dog.

At Bowl&Bone Republic, we know perfectly well that the dog accessories that we create must meet all pets’ needs. With them in mind, we have prepared JOY dog chimney scarf that provides dogs with a feeling of warmth and comfort even on cool and windy days. Every pooch will gladly put them on during the first cold autumn days, as well as when the spring weather is still windy.

The JOY dog chimney scarf is a fashionable accessory invaluable whenever you need a little bit of warmth for your four-legged friend.


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A unique dog chimney scarf JOY
in mustard colour

The JOY chimney in mustard colour is made of very pleasant to the touch wool. It does not irritate the skin of pooches, does not cause abrasions or discomfort during use. However, it guarantees a blissful feeling of warmth and softness.

Scarf JOY, in the practical turtlenecks shape of dog chimney, protects small and medium dogs effectively against freezing on cooler days. They will be perfect for chihuahuas, Maltese, whippets, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu or York, as well as those slightly larger dogs – bulldogs, beagles, dachshunds, schnauzers or cocker and springer spaniels.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

It is also worth paying attention to the design of JOY chimneys. Everyone who loves minimalism and classic forms will surely appreciate their interesting weave and elegant finish in the form of a leather band marked with a subtle Bowl&Bone Republic mark.

The JOY chimney in mustard colour has a fashionable cut, which provides dogs with an extremely stylish and timeless look. You can be sure that during each walk in the JOY mustard chimney scarf your pet will arouse widespread admiration among his dog friends.

Collars from the MONACO series and, on slightly cooler days, sweaters from the ASPEN line and SPIRIT dog jackets will be very helpful as well. Such fashionable and designer dog accessories will add character to each quadruped, emphasize its qualities and at the same time give it a feeling of warmth.

A walk on cool days in the JOY mustard dog chimney scarf

Does your dog value comfort, quality and a sense of comfort in all conditions? If so, give him the turtleneck scarf JOY in mustard shade! A walk, trip out of town or vacation during autumn or spring will not be scary for him any more.

The JOY dog-like golf chimney will give your dog a feeling of warmth. It will wrap his neck and stop the flow of cool wind. Together with clothes, they are great protection against bad weather.

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Thanks to opinions of dog guardians we know that even the most demanding quadrupeds have fun using JOY chimney scarf. After all, a sense of warmth, the possibility of carefree fun in the fresh air, while taking care of the health of dogs, are very important issues.

Made of pleasant to touch wool, JOY chimneys in warm pastel mustard colour will certainly become a constant companion also for your walks. The fashionable design of JOY dog chimney scarf gives the dog elegance and unique charm.

Dimensions of dog chimney scarf JOY
in mustard colour

XS size- circumference 32 cm (≈12,60″), height 6,5 cm (≈2,56″)

S size – circumference 38 cm (≈14,96″), height 7,5 cm (≈2,95″)

M size – circumference 44 cm (≈17,32″), height 8,5 cm (≈3,35″)

Dog chimney scarf JOY mustard – quality and unique design

The JOY chimney mustard can be washed by hand and in a washing machine at a temperature not exceeding 30°C. We recommend that you do not use bleaching agents, chlorine or clean dog scarves while cleaning.

After washing, spread it flat and leave in this position until completely dry. Thanks to this, the chimneys will retain their original qualities for a long time and will effectively protect your quadruped from cooling.

Additional information about cleaning of dog chimney scarf JOY mustard can be found on the label attached to the product.

Bowl&Bone Republic, as a European brand and leader in the creation of dog accessories, always makes every effort to ensure that offered products are characterized by not only unique design but also high quality. Remember – by providing them with a proper cleaning process you extend their usage time.

Choose the right chimney size JOY in mustard for your pet

JOY chimney in mustard colour protects dog’s neck against the cool and wind. You can choose it from three sizes – XS, S and M. They are suitable for small and medium-breed dogs.

To make sure your Chihuahua, Maltese, York, Shih Tzu, Cocker and Springer Spaniel or Beagiel will be happy with the JOY chimney, take a measurement before ordering. Lead a centimetre around your dog’s neck, leaving a light supply and refer the data to the size table.

However, if mustard is not your dog’s favourite colour, we can propose him JOY chimneys in red, blue, ecru and pink as well.

If you have difficulty choosing the right size or other questions arise – write to us at