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We know perfectly well that taking care of a four-legged friend is a real challenge! That's why we placed here the answers for many bothering questions about situations that the dog's guardians have to deal with. It does not matter whether they relate to the dog's health issues, pooch's daily care or the selection of the best accessories for your doggy. Every dog lover sometimes needs advice on an issue that troubles him, and we will try to help you with that!
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Why is my dog scratching – what does it mean and how to help him

Dog care | 4 September 2021
Your dog's scratching may be the result of a variety of illnesses. Most often, there is an allergy to this, but it is not the only possibili...
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Why does my dog lick his paws

Everyday life with a dog | 29 July 2021
Have you noticed that your dog is licking his paws and want to know what the reason is? There could be several reasons for this behaviour. A...
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Baby teeth in puppy

Dog health | 15 July 2021
Did you know that your puppy has baby teeth (also known as primary, deciduous, or milk teeth) that, just like in humans, fall out and give w...
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Why is my dog’s coat turning grey?

Everyday life with a dog | 24 May 2021
Should you be worried when your dog’s coat is turning grey? It all depends on whether you are dealing with a senior dog or a young pooch. ...
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How to count the age of a dog the best way

Everyday life with a dog | 2 April 2021
Do you want to know how to correctly calculate the age of a dog? It's not difficult if you only know the most effective way to do it. Dog’...
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Why does the dog cough?

Everyday life with a dog | 26 March 2021
Have you noticed that your dog is coughing and don't know what that means? Much depends on the cause of coughing. Perhaps it was just a one ...
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Meaning of the seasons for your dog

Dog health | 17 January 2021
Do you know what the season of the year means for a dog? Of course, changing seasons of the year not affect every four-legged friend the sam...
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Dog massage – what is it?

Dog health | 7 September 2020
Every pet loves being stroked. Of course, not everyone will allow it. Only the chosen ones will be given permission. Have you ever wondered ...
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What vegetables are good for a dog?

Dog health | 23 April 2020
When preparing a menu for your pet, it is worth enriching it with vegetables. They contain many vitamins and minerals that, as in the case o...
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What does my dog dream about?

Dog health | 11 April 2020
Ever wonder what dogs have dreams about? And if they dream of something, what could it be? Probably a bone :) This is, of course, most possi...
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