dog bed LOFT grey

The stylish LOFT dog bed will steal the heart of every dog ​​and its owner. We have created them for dogs who value comfort and like to have their unique place in the house. Dog bed should be associated with relaxation, peace and pleasure – that is why Bowl&Bone Republic beds are designed to provide maximum comfort for your pet.

The convenience and happiness of your pooch are the most important to us, that is why we create products that are fully suited to its needs.


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It’s time for a quiet, blissful sleep

Dog bed LOFT grey was created with love for all dogs, having their coziness and comfort in mind. A lair by Bowl&Bone Republic will surely steal the heart of even the most demanding pets, becoming their favorite home. Our lairs are designed to provide our dogs with exceptional relaxation and a peaceful, happy sleep.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

Comfort and coziness of a pooch in a stylish version

At the same time, even with such a simple thing as a dog bed, we can make a small work of art. The LOFT line has three tasteful colours that will fit perfectly into the interior of your flat or house. On one of the corners of the bed, we put a practical handle that facilitates carrying – it is also a stylish finish to the bed.

On the pillow you will find an impressive embroidery of the metropolis panorama – it is the city, in which the Bowl&Bone Republic has its headquarters, and where all ideas are created to make your dog’s everyday life more pleasant. Fashionable embroidery will perfectly fit into modern interiors and resonate with the rhythm of your life in a big city.

The wonderful softness of the dog beds is due to the highest quality, certified, artificial down. Above all this filling provides flexibility, elasticity and a perfect fit to the dog’s body. In addition, the filling is anti-allergic, so it will perfectly suit the needs of more demanding dogs.

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Dog bed designed for your pet

Each dog needs to have his place in the house, where he can hide from the whole world and take a nap. The LOFT grey dog bed will provide him with a comfortable and relaxing sleep. Bowl&Bone Republic is a European brand with a long tradition. We design and create our unique accessories exclusively on the old continent. Bowl&Bone Republic products are a guarantee of comfort even for the most demanding pooch.

Sizes of dog  bed
LOFT in grey colour

S – 60 cm x 50 cm x 16 cm (∼ 23.5 x 19.5 x 6.5″)

M – 75 cm x 60 cm x 21 cm (∼ 29,5 x 23,5 x 8.5″)

L – 95 cm x 75 cm x 23 cm (∼ 37.5 x 29.5 x 9″)


* dimensions from the outer side of the dog bed LOFT grey

Take care of the bedding for your pet

We design LOFT grey dog bed with the highest quality materials. A very important advantage of this stylish dog bed is the ease of cleaning.

You will remove the cover efficiently with a few movements thanks to zip fasteners. Both the cartridge and the cover is washable by hand or in an automatic washing machine in a gentle cycle at a temperature up to 30°C. After washing, remember to completely dry the bed cover, preferably in a flat condition. To maintain the highest quality please do not dry it in an automatic dryer, dry clean or use bleachers. If necessary iron on low.

In order to extend the use of our products, we kindly ask you to follow the detailed cleaning instructions provided on the product label.

Of course, there is also possibility to order just the cover for LOFT bed (without filling) or even a cover for only pillow or even sides of the bedding. It is a great solution when comes the time to wash the main bed cover and the pooch does not have an alternative place to rest or if you just want to change the colour of your home interior.

To take advantage of this option, please send an e-mail to, with information about the size and colour of the cover that we should prepare for your pet.

LOFT dog beds are also available in coral and graphite colour versions.

At the request of the Bowl&Bone Republic customer we will sew a bed specifically for the size of your dog. To order a tailor made bed we invite you to contact us at the email address

The approximate time of completing an individual order is about 10 working days. In case of any doubts we will be happy to answer any question.