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LEAF brown

Every year, fashion trends change. This applies not only to the Parisian runs but also to dog clothes. If you want your four-legged friend to look elegant in the spring and autumn seasons, be sure to get to know the LEAF dog coat.

Elegant coats for dogs, inspired by the colours of nature, are the essence of elegance and impeccable style. The classic check, combined with the comfort of use, make the dogs fall in love with them after the first walk in the LEAF coat!


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Fashionable look in a doggy style
– LEAF coat in brown and beige colour

Autumn days are a time of big changes in weather and outside temperatures. During walks on cooler and windy days, dogs may experience thermal discomfort. The solution to the problem is cosy and stylish LEAF coats in fashionable shades of brown.

Thanks to them, every going out will be a joy for your pet and an opportunity to explore new places. Regardless of whether you are going for a short walk to the park, on vacation or for a longer trip outside the city, the wind and cold will not bother your pet. That is why the LEAF coat in brown and walnut colour should permanently appear in your pooch’s wardrobe!

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

The cut of the LEAF coats in brown colours, adapted to the dog’s shape, guarantees the comfort of putting on and movement for pets, regardless of the intensity of outdoor games. The cut of LEAF coats in brown and walnut, thought out by our designers, allows them not to restrict your pet’s movements.

Importantly, they are also easy to put on. Velcro fastening around the neck and under the belly gives great adjustment possibilities, so you can easily adjust the coat to the preferences of your pooch.

Almost all breeds look great in warm and elegant LEAF coats in the fall and spring. Both Chihuahuas, Pugs, Maltese, Shih-Tzu, Yorkies and Basets, West Highland Terriers, Bulldogs and Schnauzers will feel comfortable and extremely fashionable in them!

Stylish LEAF tweed coats for dogs
in fashionable shades of brown

Bowl&Bone Republic paid special attention to the selection of materials from which the LEAF brown coat is made. The tweed fabric is pleasant to the touch, and its design perfectly fits into the elegant atmosphere of spring and autumn days.

The garment is additionally lined with a material with a structure friendly to the poochs body so that even during intense walks, the clothes do not disturb the dog and do not cause him discomfort. The Velcro fastener in the form of a wide belt is made of a material with a uniform colour, which wonderfully highlights the colours of the checkered part of this dog’s clothing and fits over the back of the quadrupeds, like a belt in a coat.

The whole unique charm is added by the collar in the same colour and the minimalist logo of Bowl&Bone Republic, the pure European premium brand of accessories for dogs.

dog coat leaf brown beige bowlandbonerepublic magnifier

A dog wearing a brown LEAF coat is more likely to go for a walk. He is warm and comfortable, so happily spend time with other pets and his guardian, sniffing around and discovering new places.

For the LEAF coat in brown and nut colour, we also recommend leather MONACO collars and a handy bag for treats MIDI in black. You can be sure that your four-legged friend wearing a LEAF coat will not only delight passers-by with its stylish appearance but above all will be properly protected against cold and wind.

We also recommend LEAF coats in other colours: beige-orange and grey-yellow.

Sizes of dog coat LEAF
in brown and beige colour

dimension table for measuring dog coat

ATTENTION! If possible, please provide the dimensions of the dog, breed and sex in the "Order Notes" box. Based on the data sent and our experience, we will be able to optimally adjust the size of the LEAF brown coat for your canine friend.

Keep your dog’s LEAF coat clean

At Bowl & Bone Republic, we know perfectly well that during spring and autumn days, dog clothes quickly get dirty. The changing aura combined with the dog’s temperament means that often, even after going outside, cleaning is needed.

For this reason, our designers made brown LEAF coats from materials that can be washed by hand and in the washing machine in a program dedicated to delicate fabrics. Please remember that the water temperature should not exceed 30 ° C, and the detergents used for washing do not contain chlorine or bleach. LEAF dog coats are also not suitable for dry cleaning.

After performing all care treatments, we recommend that you leave the garment to dry completely in a flat position. Additional information on how to clean the LEAF dog coat can also be found on the label attached to the product.

The LEAF coat in brown and walnut will protect your pooch against cold and wind. However, it is best to protect his body when it adheres well to it. For this reason, it is so important to choose the right size.

To do this, please measure the pooch carefully. The circumference of his neck and chest as well as the length of the torso are important. When taking measurements, please remember to guide the centimetre without pressing it excessively against the dog’s body, and to add a small amount to the dimensions obtained. Then the LEAF coat will not tighten your pet too tightly or stand out from its body. The obtained measurement results should be referred to the size table.

Or maybe your pet needs a dog coat
made to order?

At Bowl&Bone Republic, we know that dogs’ needs and preferences can vary. For this reason, we also offer the option of sewing a LEAF dog coat in a brown-beige colour tailored to your pet. To place an individual order, please send a message at with the exact dimensions of your pooch.

Our designers will complete your order in about 7 working days.

We also invite you to familiarize yourself with the other assortment of the Bowl&Bone Republic brand. The premium dog accessories we produce have already delighted many pets around the world. We especially recommend designer lairs, pillows and mats, cosy sleeping bags, as well as wooden bowls with metal or ceramic inserts, as well as intriguing toys and other designed dog accessories.