dog coats

Elegant and warm dog coats by Bowl&Bone Republic

Coats for dogs are the perfect solution for all caring guardians who don’t want to give up playing together and walking outdoors, also on colder days. Dog coats by Bowl&Bone Republic are the quintessence of dog style and wearing comfort. Perfectly tailored to the needs of small and larger pets, they will be an irreplaceable garment during autumn and spring walks. The well-fitted cut of the coat will protect your pet from the cold and will make him attract attention with its fashionable colour and elegant pattern of the clothes.

The dog coat will emphasize the colour of your pet’s coat and make both look extremely stylish. And most importantly, your four-legged friend will be well protected from the cold. Thanks to this, he will be more willing to spend time outdoors, without feeling discomfort caused by cold air. And this is the best way to keep your dog in perfect shape at any time of the year.

Classic dog coat with a timeless plaid

A dog coat has many functions. It protects your four-legged friend from the cold, is a stylish part of your dog’s wardrobe and can be an element that connects with your personal style. However, when designing a coat for a dog, we focused primarily on its functionality and wearing comfort. We know that the most important thing for your pet is freedom of movement. That is why we have made every effort at the design stage to create the most friendly coat that will be comfortable and fit to the anatomy of dogs of various breeds and sizes.

It is also important to choose a material that will pleasantly wrap and protect your dog from unfavourable weather. Therefore, to create the cover, we used the highest quality fabrics that guarantee thermal insulation and easy cleaning of the garment. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry about your pet’s carefree frolics in puddles or rolling on the grass. You can easily clean the dog coat by following the recommendations on the label.

When creating dog-friendly clothes, we do not forget about their different temperaments. If your dog is one of the impatient and very mobile quadrupeds, you will surely be pleased that the Bowl&Bone Republic dog coat is extremely easy to put on. If youir pooch gets extremely warm while playing, you can easily take it off without interrupting the fun together for a long time. A dog coat will be perfect for long walks, trips in the open air or while playing in the park. Comfortable and warm, it will surely stay in your home for a long time.