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LEAF grey

Do you want your four-legged friend to look trendy and elegantly in the colder times of the year? Now it is possible! All this thanks to the perfectly tailored LEAF dog coat in a grey-honey colour. Thanks to it, your pooch will gain protection against the cold and a stylish look.

LEAF dog coats are a combination of natural colours, which create a fashionable tweed check, emphasizing the prestige of the coat owner. The solid material, perfect cut and discreet accessories make the coat quickly become a favourite outfit of dog fashion lovers.


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LEAF dog coat in grey – yellow colour
is a fashionable and warm companion on your walks

Spring and autumn very often do not pamper us with the weather. Despite the sunny weather, the wind and cold make it difficult to walk and play outdoors. Such weather can be troublesome, especially for our little four-legged friends. If they do not have adequate protection in the form of clothing, walks on cold and windy days can cause dogs to freeze.

Therefore, to enjoy the moments together in undisturbed joy, Bowl&Bone Republic designed the LEAF dog coat in the mix of a grey and honey colour. The experience and expectations of customers have resulted in the creation of clothes that will well protect against the cold. In addition, it also makes every walk more pleasant, thanks to its classic and extremely fashionable form.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

The grey and yellow LEAF dog coat is distinguished by a beautiful cut that you can easily adjust to the preferences of your pet. The practical Velcro fasteners in the neck and belly area will not only speed up the putting on of the clothes but also ensure perfect adhesion to the dog’s body. Thanks to this, your pet will not be exposed to sudden gusts of wind that could get under the clothes.

Why will every dog ​​feel special in the LEAF coat? Because it combines the timeless beauty of classic tweed garments with solid workmanship and remarkable practicality. Thanks to this, your dog will always be protected from the cold and nothing will interfere with your joyful games in the open air, regardless of the season.

The LEAF dog coat will look great on many breeds. It is even made for Chihuahuas, Pugs, Maltese, Shih-Tzu, Yorks, Bassets, West Highland Terriers, French Bulldogs and Schnauzers. To make sure that your dog will never get cold, look at a warm ASPEN dog sweater in graphite colour or a LOVE dog hoodie in grey colour as well. In both styles, your dog will feel extremely warm and fashionable.

British chic for your pet
– LEAF dog coat in grey and yellow colour

The designers of Bowl&Bone Republic, creating the LEAF dog coat, focused primarily on the quality of its workmanship. That is why the garment was made of durable and pleasant to the touch tweed, which is mainly associated with elegant coats and jackets sewn in Great Britain. The grey-honey dog coat inspired by the British checkered dog coat is lined with cotton material, which additionally increases the comfort of wearing the clothes.

The grey and yellow LEAF coat is also distinguished by subtle accessories that give it a timeless style. The elegant collar not only harmonizes well with the cut of the coat but also provides additional protection for your pet against the cold.

dog coat leaf grey yellow bowlandbonerepublic magnifier

The designers also made sure that the coat is easy to put on and at the same time fits perfectly to the pet’s body. That is why they decided to use a practical Velcro fastener, which you can easily and quickly adjust to the size of your pooch. Thanks to this, your pet will always look great in a coat and will be protected against the cold.

Bowl&Bone Republic, as a European premium brand of dog accessories, knows how important details are. That is why each LEAF coat is signed with an elegant and discreet insert with the brand’s logo, which perfectly emphasizes the prestige of the garment.

The coat has been designed so that you can easily choose other accessories necessary for your pooch. We especially recommend it with comfortable harnesses and elegant collars for pets from Bowl&Bone Republic. With such a set, your dog will be prepared for walks even on very cold days.

Sizes of dog coat LEAF
in grey and yellow colour

dimension table for measuring dog coat

ATTENTION! If possible, please provide the dimensions of the dog, breed and sex in the "Order Notes" box. Based on the data sent and our experience, we will be able to optimally adjust the size of the LEAF grey coat for your canine friend.

How to keep a LEAF dog coat clean

The autumn and spring weather are conducive to frequent staining of your pet’s clothes. That is why the grey-yellow LEAF coat is suitable for easy washing. However, to serve your pet in an unchanged shape for as long as possible, we encourage you to follow a few rules for its cleaning.

The tweed coat can be washed by hand at a water temperature not exceeding 30 ° C. The coat is also suitable for washing in the washing machine in the program for delicate fabrics. Do not add detergents with chlorine and bleach to the laundry. Please also note that the coat cannot be washed in dry cleaners. After washing, the coat should be dried flat until the material is completely dry.

By following these few rules, your pet’s coat will keep its appearance for a long time.

Measure your pooch before ordering to choose the perfect coat size
LEAF in grey – mustard colour

The LEAF dog coat will be perfect in spring and autumn when rain and cold wind make everyday fun outdoors difficult. However, for it to best perform its function, it is necessary to perfectly match the size of the coat to your dog.

To do this, carefully measure your pet before ordering. For this purpose, please measure the circumference of the neck, chest and the length of the torso. When measuring, the centimetre mustn’t be tightly stretched.

At Bowl&Bone Republic, we focus especially on an individual approach to our canine customers. That is why we have also prepared the possibility of sewing the LEAF coat in grey and yellow on an individual order. To place a MADE TO MEASURE order, please send a message with the exact dimensions of the dog to the following e-mail address:

At the same time, we would like to inform you that the approximate delivery time for personalized doggy clothes is about 7 business days.

If your four-legged friend also needs other premium accessories, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the other offer of our store at

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