dog collar
MONACO hazelnut

Bowl & Bone Republic, as a European brand with many years of tradition always strives to ensure that our dog accessories perfectly meet the needs of pets. Comfort, satisfaction and safety of dogs have always been and will be an unquestionable priority for us.

That is why we are presenting you the classic and elegant MONACO collar dog in the brown shade. Its design, with a minimalist and simple form, conceals unparalleled convenience of use. Made of 100% Italian, natural leather will provide your dog with comfort and safety during every active day, and you will be positively surprised by the quality and fashionable cut.


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dog collar MONACO brown
– a classic choice for years

Dog collars are in many cases an inseparable element of their layette. Due to frequent use, they must be comfortable and perfectly adapt to dog shapes. In Bowl&Bone Republic, we designed a MONACO collar line, which, thanks to Italian leather, combined with Alcantara, is pleasant to the pooch’s touch and does not cause the pet to feel discomfort when wearing it.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

The classic line of stitching, combined with a minimalist form of accessories and belt loops together creates a timeless set. The warm, brown shade of the MONACO dog collar wonderfully highlights the glow of the dog’s coat and adds elegance to the quadrupeds.

You can be sure that your pooch equipped with such dog accessory will attract the attention of his dog colleagues on every walk. And after a day full of attractions, you will probably love to snuggle into the extremely soft NAP dog blanket in a warm shade of brown.

MONACO dog collar in a classic shade of brown

MONACO dog collars are an expression of our care for the daily comfort and safety of your pets. For their production, we used 100% natural Italian leather, which in combination with the Alcantara forming the inner layer of the collar and high-quality accessories, constitutes an extremely impressive set. It will give your pet elegance and provide a fashionable look regardless of the prevailing fashion trends.

To increase the security of your pet, we have placed a pendant on a hazelnut MONACO collar, on which you can engrave your contact details. Thanks to this, your pet, even in the situation of being away uncontrolled, can be found easier. Importantly, this pendant is attached to the collar on an additional belt loop. So you have full control over its location, which translates into the comfort of your pet.

We also make sure that the light brown MONACO collar strap adheres well to the dog’s neck. For this purpose, we equipped it with not one but two belt loops. So if you need to fasten it with the last of the available holes, then none of its elements will stick out unsightly.

The classic form and beautiful colour of the MONACO collar will definitely appeal to dogs of such breeds as Cavaliers, Cocker and Springer Spaniels, Vizslas, Jack Russells, Schnauzers and Dalmatians.

Dimensions of dog collar MONACO
in hazelnut colour

M size – 34 – 40 cm (≈13,4″ – 15,7″)

L size – 40 – 46 cm (≈15,7″ – 18,1″)

Easy-to-clean MONACO collar in light brown shade

Comfort, safety and quality are not all the advantages of a MONACO dog collar. Made of 100% natural leather makes it a product that will serve you and your pet for years.

All you need to do is read the cleaning and maintenance instructions on the product label and follow the rules below.

MONACO collars should not be exposed to excessive sunlight or heat. They are also not exposed to excessive contact with water. In the event of light soiling, stains should be removed with a damp cloth and the collar should be allowed to dry completely at room temperature. Then you can do the collar maintenance with a paste or cream intended for natural leather. Remember that the colour of the preservative should match the colour of the collar.

If the collar gets permanently dirty, it is advisable to clean it by companies specializing in natural leather care. Thanks to this, you will be sure that the MONACO dog collar will retain its original values for a long time.

Before ordering, please carefully measure your pet’s neck size. You should also add a little extra to the result. Thanks to this, you will be sure that the collar will not overly compress your dog even during intense activities and at the same time will not slip from his neck in an uncontrolled way.

The MONACO collar is also available in other colours: dog collar Monaco claret and dog collar Monaco dark chocolate.

As an alternative, we also recommend designer and charming dog harnesses, which you can buy in our store in a set with a leash.

If you have questions or concerns, we also encourage you to contact the Bowl&Bone Republic consultants. We look forward to receiving your message at the following e-mail address: