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Dog hair at home – how to deal with it?

You don't know how to effectively deal with dog hair? If like me, you belong to the group of dog owners, then you certainly know the problem that I want to discuss today. Today I will talk about dog hair in our home. It is a constant and inseparable element of everyday life with the pooch.
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Dog hair at home

There are several proven ways to prevent dog hair from becoming a permanent problem in our home. In order to make it a bit easier to keep your home clean from pet hair, I will present you a few solutions that have proved to be great for me.

Match the breed of the dog to your needs

At the outset, it is worth considering the problem of hair at home before the four-legged friend appears in your family. Some breeds of dogs are characterized by an increased tendency to loose their hair. If keeping your home almost sterile clean is a very important issue for you, make sure that the dog you have chosen does not belong to this group.

Some breeds have very little hair loss compared to other breeds. This group includes breeds such as Basenji, Mexican naked dog, Shar Pei or Maltese. I think it is worth considering the choice of a pooch that loses little hair. Especially if you know that this problem can keep you awake at night. No breed can guarantee that your pet will not lose any hair at all. Therefore, you should keep this in mind when deciding to bring a pooch into your home.

A dog’s coat also depends on the season

It cannot be denied that the dog’s hair loss is in most cases connected with the change of certain seasons. More specifically with spring and autumn. The cyclical change of pet hair is normal and you need to get used to it. In spring and autumn the dog’s hair falls out with increased force and you must be prepared for it. During this period, you have to put a little more effort into keeping the house completely clean.

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Take care of the health and proper care of the dog’s hair

The best way to control your pooch’s hair at home is to minimize your pet shedding it. This is mainly due to two factors. Appropriate and balanced diet and care.

If you want the coat of our four-legged friend to be strong and shiny, you must ensure that his daily diet is properly balanced. Vitamins such as C, A and E should be constantly included in your pet’s diet. This also applies to fatty acids, biotin and zinc. It is these ingredients that contribute to the healthy appearance of your pet’s coat.

Do you probably think that feeding your dog vitamins is troublesome? I will tell you how to do it easily. Just “hide” the vitamins in the food or pooch’s treat. Additionally, by placing them in his favourite bowl, the pooch will quickly eat up the food without even realizing that he has received a dose of vitamins 🙂

You need to take care of your pet’s hair not only with a balanced diet. Consistent and regular care for it is equally important. Strengthening the coat and brushing it will make it stronger and much less prone to falling out.

How to deal with dog hair at home

First of all, to make this task easier, you must equip yourselves with cleaning agents and accessories that will help you fight this problem. Evidence of your pet moulting can be found on two main surfaces: the floor and the furniture.

A floor full of dog hair

I will share with you one simple solution that worked great for me. As soon as a new four-legged friend of the family appeared in my house, small clumps of hair appeared with him. The fluffy carpet in the living room turned out to be their favourite place.

Removing hair from the rug has become a chore during the weekly cleaning of the house. It was then that the decision to get rid of the carpet was made. So it is much easier to deal with keeping the floor clean when vacuuming only the smooth surface of panels or parquet.

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Having a pooch at home, you need to equip yourselves with a decent vacuum cleaner with great power. One that will provide you with clean floors without having to vacuum the same space several times. If you want the floor to be perfectly clean, you should wash it after each vacuuming. For this, a floor mop made of antistatic fibre will work best. Why? Its characteristic feature is that the hair that is missed by the vacuum cleaner sticks to the floor mop.

How to get dog hair off the couch

Furniture is a much bigger challenge in keeping the house clean. The hair sticks to them so tightly that its removal is often a challenge. This primarily applies to the couch.

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I think every pooch loves to spend his free time relaxing or taking a nap on it. The best way to get rid of the hair is to use damp rubber gloves or a special rubber roller. It is a type of surface that absorbs all kinds of fluff very effectively.

Removing a dog’s hair with a rubber glove is much faster. Using the popular roller with an adhesive surface for cleaning clothes will take us a lot more time.

You can also approach this issue from a completely different angle. It is enough to equip yourself with a dog blanket, which will make cleaning easier. Instead of cleaning the entire couch, you just need to take care of the blanket itself.

Those made of high-quality materials, such as from Bowl & Bone Republic, can be washed by hand or in a washing machine – which makes the task even easier 🙂

Remember also that the pooch, seeing a soft blanket, in most cases will naturally jump up and lie down on it, so you don’t have to worry about teaching your pet to occupy this particular place on the couch.

Regularity is essential

Having a pooch at home, we cannot allow ourselves to deviate from regular cleaning. A dog’s coat will be much more difficult to remove when it is in it for a long time. Regularity and consistency in cleaning and taking care of hygiene are the basis for having a tidy house, even with a small dog at your side.

What are your experiences on this topic? Feel free to discuss in the comments section.

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