dog harness
CANDY yellow

Bowl&Bone Republic, as the European brand of premium dog accessories, knows perfectly the needs of pets. We want our projects to provide dogs with maximum comfort on a daily basis. That is the reason why each of the dog accessories available in our store is characterized by attention to the smallest detail. They make quadrupeds enjoy their favourite activities and time spent with their guardian, as well as moments of blissful relaxation.

One of the expressions of our love for dogs is CANDY yellow harness, which will be useful during everyday walk. Fashionable cut and unparallel comfort in wearing CANDY yellow dog harness bring your dog even more pleasure from every walk. Do you see this happily wagging tail? In CANDY harness, discovering new places and smells is great fun for your pet!


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Actively and comfortably in the
dog harness CANDY yellow!

CANDY yellow harness catch the eye with their modern design and vibrant colour. A slightly more built-up cut wonderfully wraps the dog’s body and provides comfort during every move. The CANDY pet harness is made of materials safe for dogs. Their high quality provides dogs with an unrestrained feeling of comfort.

You don’t have to worry about the comfort of your pet, even when your pooch has delicate skin. None of the elements of CANDY yellow harness will cause irritation of your pet’s epidermis.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

Our designers constantly follow the latest trends. That is why each of our branded harnesses is available in the most fashionable colours. They are also characterized by a thoughtful design, which will appeal especially to those who are looking for everyday dog accessories in fashionable and designer style.

This canon wonderfully fits CANDY yellow harness, which with their extremely warm colour perfectly emphasize the beauty of the dog’s fur and give the dogs a fashionable and unique look.

Choose comfortable and safe
dog harness for your pooch

The material covering the outside layer of the CANDY yellow harness is exceptionally pleasant to the touch. For extra comfort of your four-legged friend, the inner side of the harness has been covered with a mesh. Thanks to this, even during very warm days or high activity of your pet, he’s thermal comfort will be maintained at an appropriate level.

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Yellow CANDY harness is adjustable with comfortable straps. You can perfectly match them to the size of your pet. Importantly, we also took care of the safety of your pooch.

This Bowl&Bone Republic harness has reflective elements sewn in, which play a particularly important role during evening walks. Thanks to them, even in the event of an uncontrolled distance of your pet, it will be easier for you to see him. You can also complete set with matching lead which has reflective elements as well.

Please be aware that the size of the harness has recently been changed.
Please do not suggest yourself by previous purchases and, to be sure, re-verify the size that fits your doggy best.

Sizes of CANDY dog harness
in yellow colour

dimension table for measuring dog harness candy bowlandbonerepublic

CAUTION! If possible, when placing an order, in the NOTES TO ORDER box, please indicate the breed, sex and dimensions of the pooch (circumference of the chest at the widest point) for which the harness is ordered. With this information and based on our experience, we can most likely verify the correctness of the harness size.

Practical and easy to clean CANDY yellow dog harness for your pet

Bowl&Bone Republic dog harness Bone has not only attractive appearance but also the functionality and ease of cleaning.

Our product can be washed by hand, as well as in the washing machine in a delicate program, at a maximum temperature of 30 °C. Do not chlorinate the harness, do not treat with bleach or dry clean them. After washing, dry them in a flat position. Thanks to this, they will keep their qualities for a long time and will be a great companion during every walk!

We also encourage you to read the detailed washing instructions on the product label.

What size of CANDY yellow harness will be perfect for your pet?

CANDY yellow harness are available in six sizes. For this reason, they fit representatives of small breed dogs like Chihuahua, York or Maltese. They are also perfect for outdoor activities for medium and larger breeds. Certainly Bulldogs, Shih Tzu or Schnauzers will be incredibly happy with them!

Before placing an order, please measure your pet carefully. The circumference of the chest and neck of the dog are important. Lead the centimetre in the widest point and also leave some reserve. Thanks to this, the harness will not tighten your dog’s body too much or cause abrasions. Refer the obtained measurements to the data in the size table. Please also pay special attention to the size marked with the letter A. Braces must be free to pass through your pet’s head and not to cause him any discomfort.

If choosing the right size of CANDY yellow dog harness is difficult, please contact us at

Our consultants will give you professional advice and together you will choose the size that will best meet the needs of your pet. The consultant will also show you other dog accessories that will make your pet’s everyday activities more enjoyable. Comfortable beds, cosy blankets, toys or bowls.

You might be also interested in matching dog lead CANDY yellow (length – 120 cm / ≈ 47,2″) as well.

We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with other colour versions of CANDY harness – blue, brown, grey and red colour versions.

Tailored CANDY yellow dog harness

If your pet needs a harness in a particular size, we will be happy to make them especially for him. Please send your order details to the following email address:

The waiting time for individual orders is about 7 business days.