dog harness put on over the head

Dog harness put on over the pet’s head

Daily walks with the dog are moments full of carefree fun. Enjoying it is possible thanks to the comfortable harness put on over the head. A soft, comfortable harness with a nice-to-the-touch texture and interesting colours will steal your pet’s heart in no time, providing him with freedom of movement while playing outdoors.

A carefully thought-out cut of the harness put over the head will guarantee your pooch a sense of freedom, complete safety and a fashionable look during walks. They are available in a wide range of sizes to suit small or slightly larger dogs, available with and without a lead, and in many interesting colours.

Put on over the head dog harness from Bowl&Bone Republic

The designer dog harness available by our brand is extremely simple and comfortable to put on. It is enough to put them on over the dog’s head and fasten with a buckle at the level of the pet’s chest. The leash is attached to the back of the harness. Adjustment at the height of the chest strap allows for a perfect fit of the harness to the figure of your pet. The CANDY model is made of a pleasant-to-touch fabric so that it does not irritate the pet’s skin. The delicate material does not tear the hair and does not cause tangles, making it perfect for both short-haired and long-haired dogs.

The carefully designed structure of the harness put on over the head also ensures their even pressure on the dog’s body, and thus – safety for the spine. During walks, the harness does not tighten the dog excessively and does not restrict his movements. Thanks to the inner mesh, the braces are airy, and the reflective stitching will prove itself during evening walks.

The harness put on over the head offers maximum comfort of use – comfortable to wear, and easy to keep clean. The CANDY model offered by Bowl&Bone Republic can be easily washed by hand or in a washing machine on a delicate program.

The collection of over-the-head harnesses is a response to the expectations of even the most demanding dogs and their guardians, who at the same time care for the dog’s comfort and aesthetic appearance of accessories for four-legged friends. Discover the offer of the Bowl&Bone Republic brand, the European leader in the production of PREMIUM accessories for pets – the joy of common escapades is guaranteed!